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Astounding WWE’s Facts About Sting

Facts WWE Sting

Are you a WWE fan? Then you are going to love our list of astounding facts about Sting. Sting is one of the most famous pro wrestlers in history. He has so many interesting tidbits about himself from his beginnings to his personal struggles and also how he came back bigger, better and more brilliant than ever.

These are some crunchy nuggets that you would not like to miss. And even if you aren’t rooting for the WWE, you will still find these facts to be pretty darn amazing.

Sting WWE Facts

1 The Mysterious Match

When fighting against Hulk Hogan, Sting’s match was mysteriously restarted; many said it was because of a fast count.

2 How Sting Got His Start

He first fought with Rick Bassman’s wrestling team and Powerteam USA.

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3 The One Exception

The only time that Sting was legitimately pinned was against his fight with Seth Rollins.

4 He’s Hard to Pin Down

And nearly every time that Sting was pinned, it was because of an interference or cheating on his opponent’s end.

5 The Blade Runners

Sting teamed up with the Rock to form the team called the Blade Runners that existed in 1985 and 1986.

6 A Flash of the Past

Before hitting it big-time, Sting was more commonly known as “Flash.”

7 Loyal till the End of Nitro

For the Nitro series, Sting helped to usher it in and send it out, appearing on the first and last episodes.

8 Manning a Submarine is Totally Voluntary

Nearly all of the WWE special events have an appearance from Sting in some capacity.

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9 A Pay-Per-View Record

Sting holds the record for the WWE wrestler who has appeared in the most pay-per-view fights (99).

10 He Has Solidified His Public Image in the WWE

Many fans and spectators simply refer to Sting as “The Icon” while others opt for “The Vigilante.”

11 Sting starred in a pay-per-view movie called The Real Reason.


Image Credit: Miguel Discart, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons