10 Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Mind! [With Infographic]

With so many different living beings, places, and objects, the Earth is a planet full of interesting facts. Just taking a look at the world around us can be eye-opening, and not a day goes by that most people don’t see or learn something new. No one on the planet knows everything and with stories passed down from generation to generation, misconceptions, and especially with an Internet full of misleading information, it’s impossible for one single person to know everything that there is to know about this world, and many of the things that we think we already know may not even be true at all.

Whether it is about the origination of a certain type of food, beliefs and customs in other countries, or the history of natural formations like mountains and volcanoes, this world has a rich history that lends to some pretty interesting facts.

History books tell us many things that we need to know about the world, but they don’t teach everything there is, particularly more obscure facts. Some of the strangest and most curious facts are obtained by our own eagerness to learn about the things around us. Learning new facts not only makes us more educated, but it’s just fun – and great for trivia rounds on game nights with friends and family.

While it isn’t possible to obtain all of the world’s knowledge, it never hurts to read some fun facts that are mind-blowing. With the popularity of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find out interesting and surprising facts about the world, which makes us look at things around us like we never have before. The internet is full of infographics that have fun and interesting facts for adults and kids, some of which are mindboggling and make for interesting conversations.

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Many of these facts and bits of information go beyond what most of us learn in school, and provide a fascinating new view of the world. Unique facts are a great way to improve upon our knowledge, providing us with fun tidbits of trivia about things we’ve never known or even thought about before.

A big thank you to BBC.co.uk, CNN, NYTimes, NYHistory, Telegraph.co.uk and Independent.co.uk for providing our trusted sources.

Infographic – 10 Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Mind