Titillating Nipple Facts You Probably Won’t Believe

Nipple Facts

What could be more fascinating than nipples? We all have them, but how much do you really know about them? From strange nipple knowledge nuggets to nipple world records, here are some titillating nipple facts:

Titillating Nipple Facts You Probably Won’t Believe!

1 The record for the longest nipple hair goes to Daniele Tuveri with a measurement of 17 centimeters.

2 Nipple piercing has been around since the 1890s, primarily as a way to enhance sexual pleasure. The erotic zones of the nipple are enhanced by piercing rather than numbed, and the nipples are enlarged in size as a result.

3 Polythelia is the technical term for the condition of extra nipples, which will always occur along the mammary ridge running from the armpits to the pubic region in humans.

4 Humans are the only species of mammals whose nipples and breasts are prominent even when not lactating in order to feed their young; every other mammal develops nipples only during pregnancy.

5 Nipples are like snowflakes, no two are the same, meaning even the two nipples on a single individual vary to some degree.

6 Nipples are developed in the embryo before X or Y chromosomes are assigned to determine sex, which is why men have nipples as well as women.

7 The platypus is the lone mammal without nipples or teats, instead secreting milk for its young through two patches of belly skin.

8 Each nipple is composed of as many as 20 tiny openings connected to either milk ducts or Montgomery glands that produce oil for the skin.

9 The scientific term for the quality of having nipples is “mammillated”, which makes sense, as producing milk is a key characteristic of mammals.

10 Nipples come in three variations: erect, inverted, and retracted.

11 Accessory nipples have been linked to heart defects and kidney disease in certain cases.