151 Fascinating Facts!

151 Fascinating Facts

There are so many interesting facts in life that it’s realistically impossible to know them all. Some people may seem to know just about everything in the world, but they focus on the most pertinent (to them) or the most popular (at the moment).

For example, many people immediately assume that Cleopatra, the most famous Egyptian princess, must have lived right around the times the Pyramids of Giza were built, but in actuality, that’s not the case. She lived closer (in time) to the moon landing than to the construction of those pyramids (just one of many, many amazing facts).

Here are 151 incredibly interesting facts that will certainly make you the most interesting person at the party:

1 The lion in the original MGM movie logo attacked and killed its trainer and two assistants the day after that logo video footage was filmed.

2 If a person was able to continuously fart for six years and nine months, it would contain energy equal to that of an atomic bomb.

3 Disneyland Park was built in one year.

4 Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself about one month after Justin Bieber was born.

5 Every year, Disneyland sells 2.8 million churros.

6 If you were to order a supersized Coke, French fries, and Big Mac at McDonald’s, you would have to walk for seven hours straight just to burn off those calories.

7 If you were to mouth the word ‘colorful’ to someone, they might be thinking you’re telling them you love them.

8 At the top of the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland, there is a basketball court for employees to use for recreation.

9 The average man may cry six times in a year while the average woman may cry between 30 and 64 times annually.

10 Continuum was a magazine that denied the existence or facts about AIDS and HIV. It ceased publication in 2001, and all of its editors died of AIDS.

11 In Disneyland, there is a fake pet cemetery behind the Haunted Mansion.

12 If you wanted to go to the zoo in England during the 18th century, it would cost you 3 half-pence, or you could bring a cat or dog as payment. They would then be fed to lions.

13 British men and women are intoxicated in 76% of their Facebook posts.

14 In the great debate about which came first, Stephen Hawking claims that primitive ancestors laid the first egg from which chickens came.

15 Disneyland was originally intended to be built across from the Walt Disney Studios. It ended up in Anaheim.

16 A strawberry is not a berry, but a banana is.

17 In the animated film series Ice Age, there is a sabertooth squirrel as a comic relief character. It was believed to be completely fictional, but in 2011, one was discovered fossilized.

18 When a United States president is either unmarried or his wife passes away while he is in office, a female relative of his will become first lady.

19 It is believed the Pony Express operated for decades, but it was only in operation for two years.

20 Sunflowers can clean up nuclear waste.

21 Mosquitoes have teeth. 47 of them.

22 The Trinity Site is only open 12 hours every year. It is located in New Mexico and is the place where the first atomic bomb was detonated.

23 George Washington spent quite a bit of money on alcohol. Almost 7% of his annual salary.

24 Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology determined that all mammals take approximately 21 seconds to urinate, based on normal situations.

25 If you compare black HP printer ink to crude oil gallon for gallon, the ink costs 1,400 times more than the oil.

26 Cleopatra lived during a time that is closer on the calendar to the moon landing than to when the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed.

27 Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

28 When Bill Murray agreed to be the voice of Garfield in the movie of the same name, he thought it was a Coen Brothers’ movie.

29 There is a mass of garbage floating around in the ocean that is the same size as Texas.

30 Artificial banana flavor might not taste quite like actual banana because it is based on the species that became extinct in the 1960s following a widespread disease.

31 On April 11, 1954, nothing significant happened and is considered the most boring day of the 20th century.

32 Vending machine mishaps kill more people than sharks.

33 When somebody refers to another person as a pussy, they are not calling them a vulgar term for female anatomy; it’s short for pusillanimus, which means timid or lacking courage.

34 Agatha Christie once released a book originally called “Ten Little Niggers.” It was eventually renamed, “And Then There Were None.”

35 A photon takes 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to its surface, but will only take eight minutes to travel from the surface of the sun to earth.

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36 It is estimated that the hit video Gangnam Style wasted over 15,400 years of human beings’ time in 2014.

37 If you traveled far enough north, you will eventually be headed south. If you head east, you will never be going west.

38 Something you might wish you never knew: there is a thing called a poop transplant. It involves taking poop bacteria from a healthy person and transplanting it into a recipient.

39 Because the French inch was different from the British inch, Napoleon wasn’t 5’2” tall, as popularly thought, but average in height at 5’7” tall.

40 CS Lewis had a genetic deformity with only one joint in his thumbs. He is the renowned author of the Chronicles of Narnia series.

41 Even though Europe was colonized long before the United States, the US is older than Germany.

42 Tartigrades, commonly referred to as water bears, measure only .5 mm in length and can survive in almost any atmosphere, including the vacuum of space.

43 You might be related to Genghis Khan, but the chances are less than 1%.

44 A mantis shrimp swings its claw so fast that it can boil water right around it. It can also create a flash of light.

45 The last President of the United States who did not belong to the Democratic or Republican parties was Millard Fillmore. He was president from 1850 to 1853.

46 There is a mascot named Mr. Poo in India. It is used to help discourage public defecation.

47 The first ever video game was called “Tennis for Two” and was originally created in 1958.

48 Today’s population in Ireland remains 2 million people less than just before the potato famine, which occurred about 160 years ago.

49 It would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes , each sucking once, to completely drain a human body of blood.

50 If a man did not cut his beard ever, by the time he died it could be 30 feet long.

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51 The Motion Picture Association of America has two Labrador retrievers who have been trained to detect pirated DVDs and CDs.

52 The science of psychology refers to the brain trying to figure itself out.

53 Lighters were invented before matches.

54 Written language was not created by one culture, but four of them simultaneously: Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayans, and Chinese.

55 Dora the Explorer is named Dora Marquez.

56 The Huns have a bad reputation in history, but that’s because they didn’t have a writing system with which to document their culture; that was all written by their enemies.

57 You could play the game of chess and never repeat an iteration. There are more iterations in this game than there are atoms in the known universe.

58 The original Nintendo game unit had twice the computing power than the first lunar lander.

59 The Spanish Inquisition was no surprise because all suspects needed to be notified before any arrests occurred.

60 There are no words in Spain’s national anthem.

61 A horseshoe crab has eyes on its tail.

62 In the United States Senate Chamber, there is a desk called “The Candy Desk.” It is filled with candy.

63 When it comes to mating season for giraffes, the male will headbutt the female until she pees, then the male will determine if she is ovulating.

64 The United States Air Force is the largest Air Force in the entire world. The second largest belongs to the United States Navy.

65 The Roman Coliseum was originally built with a retractable roof.

66 If you rounded up every single person on the planet and squeezed them altogether, they would fit in one cubic mile.

67 Because of the speed of Earth’s orbit, Earth has journeyed seven years into the future, at least in relation to the sun during the past 10,000 years.

68 When the pyramids were being built, woolly mammoths were still walking the earth.

69 There is enough gold in all of the earth, including its core, to layer all of Earth’s land in gold up to a person’s knee.

70 A goat’s pupils are rectangular.

71 The human male sperm contains approximately 1.5 terabytes of genetic data.

72 The Wright Brothers finally made history in 1903 by flying for the first time. Only 66 years later, man landed on the moon.

73 The sun may be 400 times farther away from the earth than the moon is from the earth, but the moon is also 400 times smaller than the sun.

74 The movie, A Fish Called Wanda remains the only film that is associated with an official cause of death by laughter.

75 There is one species of jellyfish, turritopsisnutricula, that is immortal.

76 The stickers found on the supermarket fruits are edible; so is the glue.

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77 You can make mayonnaise simply by combining eggs and oil.

78 Living in space, or being surrounded by microgravity, can cause a great deal of flatulence.

79 You can make glass out of any material because everything can be melted down and when you cool it off as a molten material before its molecules can realign to what it was before, you can have glass.

80 If no space existed between any of its atoms, earth would be the size of a baseball.

81 The Cartoon Network lost 46 of its original prints for the cartoon, “What a Cartoon!”

82 Every particle in the human body is completely replaced every seven years.

83 Your lungs and a tree may look similar, but they are complete opposites, both functionality-wise and physically.

84 The UK and USA have different ideas about what constitutes a healthy chicken egg. In the US, it is illegal for chicken eggs to be sold unwashed. In the UK, it is illegal to wash eggs.

85 Ants have more mass than humans do. If you took all of the ants and placed them in one pile and all humans and placed them in another pile, the ant pile would be bigger.

86 When a girl is born, she contains all of the eggs she will ever have in life.

87  Avocados are actually fruits and not vegetables. Most people are super surprised to learn this. And it is technically a seeded berry.

88 After horses were domesticated, it took several thousand years before the stirrup was invented.

89 Within 12 months, 54 million people will die.

90 The space inside an atom is not very significant. You could take all of that space in every human being on earth, combine into one place, and it would be the size of an apple.

91 The reason pirates used to wear eye patches was so they can see in the dark in the event they were attacked.

92  A traditional chefs hat (known as a “toque”) is traditionally made with 100 pleats. Each pleat is meant to represent a different way to cook an egg!

93 If you could fold a piece of paper over 42 times, it is said that it will reach the moon.

94 In the world of evolution, resisting predators is the best way to stay alive. However, the Kakapo bird has a pleasant odor that attracts predators, making it endangered.

95 The average pencil can draw a line that could be 38 miles/61 kilometers long.

96 Half the people in all of history who reached 65 years of age are living right now.

97 The next time you say you are stuck in traffic, correct yourself; you are traffic.

98 When you shuffle a single deck of playing cards, odds are the new combination has never existed before.

99 If you read the Bible carefully, God claims the lives of over 2 million people, and Satan only kills 10. Satan’s goal is to destroy the soul.

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100 Despite what you may have seen in the movies, a velociraptor was only slightly larger than today’s chickens.

101 Living as a monk may not be what it used to be; the inventor of 5 Hour Energy Drink was a monk in India for 12 years.

102 In some shooting competitions, alcohol is considered a performance enhancer.

103 A sloth can accidentally grabbed its own arm rather than a tree branch, subsequently falling to its death.

104 William Shakespeare remains the only author to have his own Dewey decimal number. That number happens to be 822.33.

105 Charlie Sheen’s real name was Carlos Estevez, but he changed his name to follow the success of his father’s stage name, Martin Sheen.

106 There is a spider that eats nothing but vegetation – the Bagheera Kipling.

107 Butterflies are cannibals.

108 Maryland’s state sport is jousting.

109 Charlie Chaplin once entered a competition for Charlie Chaplin look-alikes, but he came in third place.

110 A male penguin will provide its potential mate with a pebble as a way of proposing.

111 With so much talk about race relations today, it may amaze you that there is a high school in Jacksonville, Florida that still bears the name of the first grand Wizard of the KKK.

112 An orgasm for a pig can last 30 minutes.

113 Mr. T is notorious for all of the gold jewelry he would wear, and it began when he was a bouncer at a club. They were chains or necklaces left behind by previous customers.

114 Half of the people who have ever lived in the history of the world have died from malaria.

115 The Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid.

116 Michael Bolton auditioned for Black Sabbath when Ozzy Osbourne left the band.

117 The heart of a blue whale is large enough for people to swim through some of its arteries. It is approximately the size of a Volkswagen beetle.

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118 You inhale more through one nostril in your nose than the other, and it switches every 15 minutes.

119 In a single glass of water, there are more atoms than there would be glasses of water in all oceans of the world.

120 For every 17 children on earth, there is an estimated one active landmine.

121 If the Titanic had not tried to turn out of the way of the iceberg, it might never have sunk.

122 Custer’s Revenge is an old Atari game in which the player has to avoid arrows while trying to attack an Indian woman who is tied to a pole.

123 When a male bee reaches climax, his testicles explode and then it dies.

124 In Catalan culture, some nativity scenes feature a character who is relieving itself near the manger.

125 Your earlobes and nipples are perfectly aligned.

126 It is now believed many dinosaurs were covered in feathers, including the amazing Tyrannosaurus Rex.

127 The average adult human contains anywhere between 2 and 9 pounds of bacteria in their body at any given time.

128 The founder of Kellogg’s encouraged the creation of Graham Crackers and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to help keep people from masturbating.

129 If you remember static on a ‘dead’ TV station, that was radiation left over from the Big Bang.

130 Did you know that the New Year ’s Day has a religious connotation to it; it is the day Jesus would have been circumcised (eight days after his birth).

131 If you were to take all of the gold that has been mined throughout history, it would fit into a 20 x 20 x 20 meter cube.

132 Superman has also been involved in the race war; the 1946 ‘Adventures of Superman’ radio show revealed the ‘secret’ codes of the KKK. This caused membership and recruitment to dry up almost overnight.

133 It’s easy to assume the word graffiti is the singular form, but it is graffito. Graffiti is plural.

134 Hydrogen is an odorless gas that is the most important element in human life.

135 Vampire bats do drink blood, and they also urinate on their victims.

136 38 years after the Wright Brothers flew for the first time, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

137 If you look closely, the Statue of Liberty is breaking free of the shackles around her ankles, and stepping forward slowly.

138 The videogame Duck Hunt is for two players. Whoever has the controller in the second port controls the ducks.

139 The artist Rembrandt was sometimes a victim of his students’ sense of humor. They would sometimes paint coins on the floor and watch him try to pick them up.

140 A turtle can breathe out of its mouth as well of as its rectum.

141 An old English drinking song is the inspiration for the American National Anthem, at least the melody.

142 The character on a tube of Pringles potato chips is named Julius.

143 There are some warehouses in the world that are so large they have their own weather. For example, the NASA assembly building has its own rain clouds.

144 Just because a person has died doesn’t mean they can’t get goosebumps. They can.

145 For those who cannot stand fake pink flamingos, there are more of those than real ones in the world.

146 If someone is allergic to the Brazil Nut, that allergy can be passed on sexually.

147 Comedian Jack Black has two parents who are rocket scientists.

148 It was a Catholic priest who first came up with the notion of the Big Bang Theory.

149 Honey is the only food substance that never spoils. You could, if you got your hands on it, eat honey that was 2,000 years old.

150 In the Super Mario Bros games, the clouds and bushes are the same, just colored differently.

151 Some people believe that William Shakespeare was illiterate because the only surviving examples of his handwriting are six signatures, each of which failed to spell his name correctly.

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