Who Is Alina Lando?

Famously known for her petite frame and elegant style, Alina Lando is a famous Instagram star and model from Russia. She is a bold and beautiful model with an amazing personality and loves to show off her sleek and silky brunette hair in every picture she takes. Apart from being an aspiring model, she is also a fitness sensation whose growing popularity is unmatched. Not only this, but her social media influence spreads across different platforms from OnlyFans to Reddit and TikTok as well. Alina Lando was also featured on the cover of Mavrin Magazine. With her professional attitude and dedication, she has managed to gain thousands of followers in a short time. Keep reading to learn more about the stylish model, her personal lifestyle and her profession.

Here Are Some Fascinating Facts about Our Favorite Instagram Model:

1. Alina Lando’s Personal Information

Alina Lando was born in Russia on June 10, 1998. In terms of education, Alina Lando got her Master’s in Science degree in Russia. The 23-year-old is currently an Instagram sensation and social media influencer who aims to inspire people with her flawless looks and unique style.

2. Alina Lando Physical Appearance

Alina Lando is young, hot and beautiful. She has a slender figure and is a body-goals ideal to many young girls. The doll-like model has shoulder-length, straight and silky brunette colored hair and blue eyes. Alina Lando has a slim build and weighs around 55kgs. Her body measurements are 34-24-34. Alina Lando is 5-ft 6-inches tall and owns a very charming personality. One look at Alina Lando’s smile, and your heart will melt away!

3. Alina Lando’s Personal Favorites

Being a monochrome fan, Alina Lando loves the colors black and white. Such that most of her Instagram account is filled with gorgeous pictures of her in either a black or white bikini, swimwear or apparel. Though the model currently owns an iPhone, she is also obsessing over Samsung’s latest models. Alina Lando loves to travel across the world and drive her car. Her favorite foods include Apples and Pizzas. The social media influencer’s personal favorite body parts are her hair and eyes.

4. Alina Lando Has Half a Million Followers On Instagram

Instagram has always been Alina Lando’s primary source of fame and income. She joined the social media platform in 2016; since then, she has uploaded her pictures almost regularly. Alina Lando currently has around 566k followers and is following 55 people on her Instagram account titled: lando_alina.

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5. Alina Lando Has 500k Followers on TikTok

Alina Lando has more than 500k followers on TikTok. She loves posting entertaining, healthcare and beauty videos to keep her fans in the loop about her versatile lifestyle.

6. Alina Lando Has 13k subscribers on the Reddit Community

The social media model has a huge fanbase on Reddit. Her fans use the online platform to share opinions about Alina Lando’s beauty, style and overall personality. Alina Lando loves to share her videos and pictures on Reddit to keep her fans updated worldwide.

7. Alina Lando Has 2000+ Subscribers on OnlyFans

Alina Lando is one of the most active social media influencers on OnlyFans. To date, Alina Lando has uploaded 237 pictures and gotten 22,029 likes and 237 comments on her posts. With 2000+ devoted subscribers, Alina Lando makes $10.7k to $26.7k per month from her OnlyFans account named: lando_alina.

8. Alina Lando Is a New Addition for Mavrin Magazine

Associated with MModels Management, Alina Lando, due to her striking fame, picture-perfect photos, and increasing popularity, managed to be featured on the cover of Mavrin Magazine Vol 3. Marvin is a Russian company that represents many models. Not only is Alina Lando currently one of the most popular names of Mavrin models, but she is also one of the most followed social media influencers in Russia.

9. Alina Lando Modelaje Talent

Modelaje is a digital platform that allows children models, teen models, glamour models, fitness models and even influencers to post their beautiful pictures. Loved by her fans, Alina Lando has a rating of five stars and her pictures have over 9397 hits.

Check Out Alina Lando’s Amazing Moves In Her Instagram Reel:

With a caption “My Mood Today, Waiting for a New Trip,” the gorgeous Russian model shares her dance moves with her fans in a pretty white dress.

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Alina Lando – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q1: What are her favorite colors?

She loves black and white.

Q2: When was Alina Lando born?

Alina Lando’s birthday was on June 10 1997.

Q3: Where is Alina Lando from?

Alina Lando is from Russia.

Q4: How tall is Alina Lando?

She is 5 ft. 4 inches.

Q5: What is Alina Lando’s favorite thing to do?

Alina Lando hobbies include photoshoots, creating video content, travelling and exploring new places.

Follow Alina Lando on Her Instagram to Keep Up with Her Life

With a continuously increasing fan following, Alina Lando is one of the rare Instagram stars who prioritize keeping her fans updated about her lifestyle. From posting sizzling pictures from her photoshoots to sharing some soft-casual fun vacation memories to her followers, her account is a plethora of beauty and perfection. To know about the most trending girl on the internet, follow Alina Lando on her Instagram account: @lando_alina


Alina Lando is a bold and stylish model from Mavrin. With her perfect curves and an all-natural luscious brown mane, she continues to conquer the social media world. She is a smart, loving girl with a great sense of humor. The Russian star loves to travel and create new video content. Alina’s social media presence is growing at an astounding pace, and it is believed that the model will soon succeed in marking her presence over the digital world.

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