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14 Surprising Facts about Allie Auton

Facts about Allie Auton

Allie Auton is a popular YouTube star and influencer in the lifestyle, health, and fitness industry. She is an Australian-born internet sensation with a large social media following and has launched an online training company. Her fans love her charming smile and lovely appearance.

Although it is difficult for many artists to maintain an influencer lifestyle, Allie Auton does it with grace and elegance while having fun. No wonder her fans and followers love watching her YouTube videos and liking her Instagram posts. Let’s read some interesting facts about Allie Auton you may not know from her YouTube channel!

Here Are 14 Interesting Facts about Allie Auton

1. Allie Started Her Fitness Journey in 2015

Before Allie Auton became a social media star, she was just another Australian living her life. But back in 2015, she realized that her unhealthy habits and lack of fitness goals were taking a toll on her body. Allie changed her lifestyle goals and determined better eating habits for herself. Eventually, the diet and fitness regime helped her sculpt a body that she can confidently present on her social media today!

2. She Is More Than a Fitness Influencer on YouTube

Allie started her vlog YouTube channel in 2017. It features fitness content and eating habits to show her fans how she became fitter and healthier. Allie shares her meal plans for different seasons, what she eats in a day, and her favorite meals. But that’s not all there is to Allie Auton’s YouTube channel. She also shares her travel vlogs, lifestyle, fashion preferences, and mukbang videos.

3. She Indulges in Comfort Food Too

Allie has a specific diet regime that she follows, so even with her cheat days, the meals are nutritious. She eats pizza, noodles, pancakes, etc., but uses healthy ingredients that benefit her fitness goals. She once posted a video on her YouTube channel where she made pancakes using protein powder, bananas, eggs, and raspberries for breakfast. Her dinner recipe was a healthy pizza with ingredients like pita pockets, chicken, spinach, and avocado.

4. She Has Appeared on Madison Woolley’s Instagram Feed

Madison Woolley is a fellow Instagram influencer of Allie Auton. She leads a similar lifestyle as Allie and uses her social media to share her travel and swimming shots with her followers. They have been friends not only on Instagram but also in real life. They had also appeared on each other’s Instagram feed in 2019 when they traveled together to Bali and other locations.

5. She Considers 2021 Her Selfish Year

Allie has been an Instagram influencer for many years, living a lifestyle that requires dedication, passion, and perseverance. The fact that she loves this lifestyle must have made it easier for her to continue, but 2021 was more about self-love for Allie. She worked hard this year but took the time to take a step back and relax. Allie also celebrated her life and love with the people who matter the most to her. Even though it’s normal to dedicate this much time for oneself, Allie considers 2021 to be a selfish year and looks forward to 2022—a more challenging year!  

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6. She Is in a Committed Relationship with Jake Wilson

A young influencer like Allie Auton already has a career worth inspiring many people out there. But her long-term relationship with Jake Wilson is definitely something to talk about. In 2021, the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary and the success of their businesses. They have made enough with their lifestyle and businesses to buy their own house. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Jake and Allie a power couple!

7. She Celebrated the 10th Anniversary on Hayman Island

Allie’s travel vlogs and photos make her YouTube and Instagram content more appealing, but her fans notice a lack of personal life features. It’s one of the reasons that rare appearances of her long-term boyfriend, Jake Wilson, excite her fans. The couple visited Hayman Island in 2021 to celebrate their ten years together and spend a heavenly time at the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort. Allie posted many photos of herself enjoying the vacation and shared a vlog on her YouTube channel.

8. She Launched Her Own Brand in 2020

Given her love for fitness and health, it’s not surprising that Allie Auton took the plunge and started her own fitness brand! Fit Body Co has been contributing to the fitness niche since 2020. If you visit the website, you will find all sorts of fitness guides and meal plans that will help you stay fit. The website also features Allie’s main product—booty bands. She also used to run fitness boot camps with a bunch of her friends before she became an influencer and started her brand.

9. She Collaborated with the Muscle Republic to Launch Her Collection of Activewear

Allie has been interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle since 2015. It sparked her passion for activewear, and she took it to the next level by collaborating with the Muscle Republic. In 2021, Allie introduced Sugar by Allie Auton as a Muscle Republic campaign for premium activewear. It combines her love for fun and bright things with the brand’s outstanding fitness collection. Sugar by Allie Auton is perfect for various occasions, including a day out with friends or an intense HIIT session.

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10. She Loves Her Dog!

Allie shared her excitement with her YouTube subscribers when she got a dog in 2018. She was excited about having a new pet in her home and bought a lot of stuff like toys and mats for him before he even arrived. Milo is an adorable black and brown dachshund who occasionally appears in her YouTube videos moving around the house or playing with another canine mate.

11. She Loves Sharing Her Workout Routines with Her Fans

Fitness and health are the most favorite things for Allie. It’s what got her into influencer lifestyle, sharing her passion for workouts and healthy diets with her fans. She encourages people interested in health and fitness to try out the workout routines she shares on her YouTube channel. She even guides her fans who have never worked out before by sharing exercises that range from easy to difficult. Allie posts many videos on her channel with a variety of workout options. You can catch her versions of leg workouts, upper body sessions, HIIT workouts, etc., on her channel.

12. She Advocates Living in the Moment!

We’d be on board with Allie when we say that she loves her life to the fullest! No matter where she is, Allie makes it a habit to send good vibes to her followers and encourage them to live in the moment. She advocates trusting the timing in life and waiting for the right moment to change your circumstances. You will feel nothing but positive energy when you check out her Instagram profile.

13. She Wakes Up Before Sunrise

As part of her healthy lifestyle, Allie has made it a habit to wake up around 5 or 5:30 AM and work out before breakfast too. The routine can change based on her mood or as the day progresses, but her wake-up time and morning workouts remain the same. She also loves going on walks in the morning with her boyfriend, Jake, and their adorable dachshund, Milo. Waking up early in the morning gives her a chance to appreciate the sunrise that is visible from her house.

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14. She Is Committed to Self-Love and Promotes That!

When you visit Allie’s social media accounts, you can see how positive she is towards her fitness goals. She loves working out every day, trying new workouts, and challenging herself to do better. It’s all part of her commitment to self-love! She posts every now and then on her social media about how positive thinking can change your life. Likewise, she advocates loving yourself no matter what life throws at you!

A CURRENT DAY IN MY LIFE | Working out, what I eat, work!

In this video, Allie Auton is sharing her hydrated skin secret. The products that she uses are amazing at detoxifying and hydrating her skin. She loves to do a full pamper day with these products, especially before a shoot. Watch the video to catch her routine!


We hope these interesting facts about Allie Auton gave you an inside look at the lifestyle that she leads. Even though she has become a famous influencer now, Allie remains grounded and does not forget the passion that made everything happen—her love for fitness and health. Our favorite thing about Allie Auton is her dedication to leading a healthy life.

We also love watching her YouTube vlogs and encourage you to check out her channel—we are sure you’ll find some meal plans or workout routines worth trying! If not, at least you’ll get to see a lot of awesome islands in Australia!