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Eggs-cellent Facts About Eggs!

Facts about Eggs

We can’t think of a reason not to love eggs. They are a great ingredient in so many different recipes, plus they make for yummy desserts and breads. Even on their own, eggs are nutritional powerhouses that keep us healthy and strong.

What better way to recognize eggs than with our list of 10 amazing facts about eggs list. From their vitamins and minerals to how they provide just what humans need, here is what you should know! We also have some interesting tidbits about the development of our beloved eggs. Get cracking!

Amazing Facts about Eggs

1 Rapid Fire Omelets

The World Record for most 2-egg omelets eaten in 30 minutes is 427.

2 Symbols of Fertility

In French tradition, the bride breaks an egg over her home’s threshold for lots of kids.

3 Best Protein

An egg contains the highest quality protein you can buy.

4 B for Beneficial

But “A” for delivering ample amounts of B vitamins, like riboflavin.

5 Eggs are Brain Food

These little guys contain choline, which boosts brain health.

6 Eggs and Eye Health

Forget carrots; eggs contain lutein in high amounts, so they’re great for eye health.

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7 Who Needs Sun?

An egg’s yolk contains high amounts of Vitamin D.

8 It Packs a Punch

Just one egg will deliver 13 vitamins and minerals to the consumer.

9 Nature’s Perfect Food

The egg is tiny, but packs amino acids and protein in just the right blend for humans.

10 Recognized Around the World

Throughout cultures and countries, the egg is a symbol of new growth.

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11 Salt for Cleanup?

Who doesn’t love eggs? If you ever drop an egg on the floor by accident, sprinkle salt on it for an easy clean.

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Anthony Bourdain: The Best Way to Cook Scrambled Eggs

Famous Chef and authorAnthony Bourdain thinks scrambling eggs should be a simple process. In this video, he describes the process to making the perfect scrambled eggs.

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