Interesting Facts about Amber Mezner

Amber Mezner is a social media influencer popular for her daily life vlogging on the social media platform Snapchat. She posts videos with which she engages young adults and teenagers. She is very active on TikTok and Instagram as well.

Here are Some of the Little-Known Facts about the Fantastic Amber Mezner

1. She was born in the United States of America

Amber Mezner was born in the US where she was homeschooled. This allowed her  to focus on her modeling and acting career with her full attention.

2. She is a Sagittarius

Amber was born on the 5th of December 2001. She is currently 19 years old and is a Sagittarius, a sign  which is known for being creative and curious.

3. She is a model

Most people are unaware of this but Amber Mezner is a talented model along with being a popular Instagram and snapchat influencer.

4. Her parents work in the entertainment and fashion industry

She is the daughter of Alina Thompson, who used to work as a model and an actress. Her stepfather, Pierre David, has worked as a movie producer in the past as well.

5. She is signed with a great agency

Amber Mezner is signed CW Management, a talent management company which provides exposure to brilliant actors, models, athletes, and social media stars.

6. She is beauty vlogger

Aside from sharing her life journey with her followers on Snapchat, Amber Mezner is a talented beauty vlogger who shares makeup tutorials and clothing hauls as well. She is a creative influencer who engages her audience with unconventional makeup tutorials such as ‘Glam and Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorials’ and ‘Prisoners Invade Makeup Tutorial’.

7. She has a huge following on Instagram

Amber Mezner is quite popular on Instagram where she shares cute photos of her and her friends in wonderful locations. She is friends with another popular Instagram celebrity called Leila Bauer. Amber also collaborates with fashion and beauty brands for promoted posts such as Glamnetic and Insertnamehere. Her Instagram handle is @amberr.

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8. She is an entrepreneur

Amber is an entrepreneur with a fantastic fashion line. Her clothing line is named ‘amber1636’ and features velvet tube tops.

9. She is a TikTok star

Amber Mezner is a TikTok celebrity who has over 33 million followers on the app. She rose to fame for her fun dance videos on the platform and funny relatable videos for teenagers and young adults.

10. She is good friends with TikTok stars

Amber Mezner is friends with a lot of TikTok stars. She is a part of the circle of the widely famous social media personality, Oliver Moy, who lip syncs videos on TikTok.

11. She is the oldest sibling

Amber has two younger brothers named Zayne and Luca. She has made fun videos playing with her brothers on YouTube.

12. She has a YouTube channel as well

Although Amber is currently not that active on her YouTube channel, she has posted several videos of herself with her friends and brothers. She has also made a video collaboration with fellow influencer Blake Linder.

13. She likes challenges

Amber Mezner is a fun-loving teenager who loves completing TikTok dance challenges with her friends. She recently uploaded a video of her dancing to Pocket Rocket by Cochise with her friend.

14. She is a dog-lover

Amber Mezner can be seen with her dog on TikTok often. She is a dog-lover as can be seen from her TikTok and Instagram public feed. She has made a video of her attempt to make her dog fly by safely tying 100 helium balloons to him.

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15. She collaborates with famous brands

Amber Mezner can be often seen tagging Wish and other popular brands in her social media posts. She gives her followers discount codes for different products such as a personal melatonin diffuser.

16. She used to love loom bands

Amber Mezner guiltily admits to having a rainbow loom addiction when she was younger. Just like all teenagers her age she used to make elastic loom bands by hand. She also has a TikTok video of her showing her old photos from the era.

16. She used to love loom bands

Amber guiltily admits to having a rainbow loom addiction when she was younger. Just like all teenagers her age she used to make elastic loom bands by hand. She also has a TikTok video of her showing her old photos from the era.

17. She is based in Los Angeles

Amber Mezner lives in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is the place where most celebrities and social media stars live.

18.  She has a steady dating life

Amber Mezner has a wide social circle and even has a boyfriend named Travis  Zip. Travis Zip is a fellow social media influencer who makes lifestyle videos for his hundreds of followers.

19.  She has a famous aunt

Amber Mezner has an aunt, Bobbie Jean Brown, who was a part of a reality show called Ex Wives of Rock.

20. She is on Cameo

Amber Mezner is on the popular app Cameo which allows users to ask their favorite celebrities to record a video message for them. If your friend is a big fan of the social media influencer, you can request Amber to record a birthday message for them that will be tailored for their special day.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial!!!! @AmberMezner

This is a quick makeup tutorial showing Amber Mezner’s basic everyday makeup look and some of the products she uses. A friend of hers appears at the beginning of the video, making fun silly faces at the camera. She shows her complete makeup look she wears everyday to inspire audiences to try out different beauty products that work for her skin type.

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Amber Mezner is a popular social media star who is popular on the photo sharing app Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Although she took her start as a creator on Snapchat, she regularly films TikTok videos and challenges with her friends these days. She has a huge following on both Instagram and TikTok and uses it to suggest fun beauty products to her audience.

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