Interesting Animal Facts You Didn’t Know are Total Myths

Animal Facts

Do ostriches bury their heads in the ground? Are daddy longlegs venomous? Are koalas in fact bears? Let’s find out with these 10 interesting animal facts that everyone gets wrong:

Interesting Animal “Facts” That Are Actually Myths

1 Dolphins are friendly

In reality, dolphins are murderous. They’ve been found killing and torturing young porpoises as well as their own.

2 Snakes can hear music

You may believe this myth from all the snake charming clips you’ve seen. However, snakes do not hear and respond to music. They respond to the movements of the snake charmers.

3 Ostriches bury their heads in the sand

Ostriches do tend to lower their heads down to decrease visibility, but they never bury their heads in the sand.

4 Cheetahs are the fastest animal in the world

Nope, the spine tailed swift is. These birds can reach level flight speeds of 69 mph, while cheetahs can be clocked up to 68 mph.

5 Handling toads will leave you with nasty warts

Parents, stop cheating your kids with this one. Touching toads will not give you nasty warts, but it will give you an irritation.

6 Old dogs cannot be taught new tricks

Wrong again. Old dogs can learn new tricks just as good as young dogs.

7 The Koala is a bear

Although these Australian cuddly little furry things look much like bears, they are actually marsupials.

8 Bulls are agitated by the color red

Scientific studies have found that the bull isn’t agitated by the red color of a waving flag, but rather by the movements of a waving flag.

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9 Daddy longlegs’ venom will kill you

First off, these strange looking critters are not even spiders. Second, they are not venomous at all and will not harm you if you eat them.

10 Goldfish have very poor memories

Contrary to popular belief, goldfish actually have a lot of intelligence and are able to remember things weeks later.

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If you watched a lot of cartoons as a kid, chances are you picked up some common animal stereotypes like “cats love milk!” or “bears can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet honey!” What if we told you that everything cartoons taught you is a lie!

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