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Astounding Facts About Audrey Orem

Who is Audrey Orem?

Spend a lot of time on Instagram?

You may know Audrey Orem!

She’s a popular Instagram star and a social media influencer known for sharing her photos with her 150,000 plus followers. Apart from Instagram, Audrey is also relatively active on YouTube. Having joined YouTube on 16th March 2019, she hasn’t looked back since! She regularly uploads videos that motivate people to work and she also shares some interesting tips and tricks about having a healthy diet.

Want to know more Audrey?

Here are some of the most astonishing facts about Audrey Orem.

Surprising Facts About Audrey Orem

Audrey Orem is a Millionaire!

Social media and those brand deals pay well!

For some of the most avid followers of Audrey, this may not come as a surprise as her luxurious lifestyle can often be seen through her Instagram photos. Whether she’s walking her adorable pup or partying on a yacht, it’s obvious she’s attuned to luxury! In addition, this fact can also be backed by several credible sources like Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia.

Audrey Loves to Travel!

One of the best ways to spend your hard-earned greens is travelling and Audrey is on the same boat! Her fun-filled career has taken her to several exciting places and some of those places are Malibu, Santa Monica, Cabo San Lucas, Venice Canals, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.

She’s a Cancerian

Born on the 27th of June 1996, Audrey is 21 as of 2021. She’s an American citizen and was born in Annapolis, Maryland. Even though she’s not too interested in horoscopes, this fact can be interesting for those in her fanbase who are.

She’s a Brand Fanatic!

Apart from the several causes and current events she champions, Audrey is also a brand ambassador for several popular brands like Boutine Los Angeles, Novashine and Manscaped. She promotes these brands often on her Instagram account and is a tremendously hardworking person.

Audrey Orem Loves Sushi!

Avid followers of Audrey Orem already know this as she keeps posting about it on her Instagram, but Audrey loves her Sushi.

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Audrey Wanted to be a Gymnast

Over the years, Audrey has become so good at something that started off as a hobby that several people may think that she always wanted to be a social media influencer. However, in a recent interview, Audrey revealed that younger Audrey had different ambitions. Growing up, Audrey dreamed of becoming a gymnast and she practiced gymnastics for a long time. However, when that dream didn’t work out, she shifted to a career in modelling.

Audrey Wants to Travel Even More

Even though Audrey has seen some of the most beautiful spots in the world, she has no plans of stopping. In a recent interview, she discussed how travelling worldwide is her wildest dream. She years to experience different cultures and try out different cuisines.

She also stated that she loves going on tropical vacations and the spots on her bucket list include Bora Bora, Bali, and Australia.

Audrey Went to the University of Arizona

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A post shared by Audrey Orem (@audryorem)

Before Audrey started taking Instagram seriously, she went to the University of Arizona. In the March of 2012, she started sharing her photos on Instagram. After graduating from University of Arizona, she moved to California and started focusing on her social media career.

She’s a Fan of Quentin Tarantino

Who doesn’t like movies from Quentin Tarantino?

Audrey recently stated in an interview that her favorite film of all time is Pulp Fiction, which she loves most films that Quentin Tarantino has directed and produced.

Audrey is An Adventurous Person

While the average person may be scared of gut-wrenching activities like scuba diving or skydiving Audrey has gone on record to say these two experiences are on her bucket list, too.

Audrey Loves Sports, too!

One of the reason Audrey has managed to maintain a fantastic body throughout the years is because of the ample physical exercise she exposes herself, too. Whether she’s in the gym brushing up on her gymnastic skills, swimming or playing tennis, she doesn’t fear breaking a sweat to burn those clingy calories.

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Audrey Has a TikTok Account, too

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A post shared by Audrey Orem (@audryorem)

As of 2021, Audrey has more than 500,000 followers on TikTok with more than 3 million likes. Most of the content she posts on TikTok is related to workouts, healthy diets, and a few comedic skits, too. Since an influencer must keep their videos beneath the 10-second mark on TikTok, Audrey keeps her skits short and interesting, too.

That said, it’s also worth noting that even though Audrey’s social media profiles perform pretty well, she keeps promotional content to a minimum.

At One Point, Audrey Orem Was Working As a Hostess

Audrey also recently clarified in an interview that even though her career on social media took her popularity to the next level, that is not how she started. To make ends meet, her first job was at a waterfront restaurant which was called the Pusser’s Caribbean Grille.

That was also when she started loving going to the beach. Now, she claims that the beach is her favorite hangout spot.

Audrey Has An Adorable Samoyed Dog!

One of the several things people love about Audrey is her adorable Samoyed dog that her followers absolutely adore. Through Audrey’s journey, her followers have seen this pup grow to become a full-grown dog and people often see this dog playing with Audrey. Samoyed dogs are often considered to be some of the friendliest dogs so there’s no wonder why Audrey loves her good boy!

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A post shared by Audrey Orem (@audryorem)

APARTMENT TOUR – My Luxury Apartment in West Hollywood!

On the 18th of December, 2020, Audrey posted a vlog on her YouTube channel where she welcomes her viewers into her new West Hollywood Luxury Apartment. She starts off the video by thanking her fans for supporting her throughout her career on social media, and then she gives a complete tour of her new home.

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Watch the video above to see Audrey’s new home!


Audrey’s story helps us decipher that even though you may come from a life of hardships, you can still make it if you stay true to your dream. Her story is inspirational, but more importantly, it’s still not complete. As life goes on, Audrey is reaching new heights and there are several ways you can stay connected with her on this journey!

If you want to know more about Audrey Orem, follow her on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or TikTok and you may know a few facts we’ve missed out on.

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