The Most Fascinating Facts about The Month Of August

“Summer declines, and roses have grown rare,

But cottage crofts are gay with hollyhocks,

And on old garden walks, you breathe an air

Fragrant of pinks and August-smelling stocks.”

—John Todhunter (1839-1916)

August is the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar and the sixth month of the Roman calendar. Regardless of where you live, this month is characterized by transition and change for all.

It is the time when people in the Northern hemisphere relax, visit the beach and embrace the last days of summer while preparing for the hustle of a new school year ahead. In the Southern end of the world, people are overjoyed knowing that the dead of winter is nearing its end and spring is just around the corner.

While each month of the year has its own unique aura, there is something about August that makes it stand out from the rest. Maybe it’s the fact that this month reminds us that change is an inherent part of human life and that not all goodbyes are necessarily sad.

If you, too, are intrigued by the allure of the month of August, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of the many fascinating, surprising, and even mind-boggling facts that comprise the essence of this month.

Here Are Some of the Most Riveting August Facts 

1. Leo and Virgo Are The Two Zodiac Signs Of The Month

Individuals born in the month of August have either one of the two zodiac signs, Leo and Virgo. People with birthdays between July 23rd and August 2nd are Leos – represented by the lion, the fiercest of all zodiac signs. Passionate, loyal, bossy, and infamously dramatic,

Leos are fire-spirited individuals often termed as the kings and queens of the celestial jungle – a status they are delighted to own. They love the attention and prefer having the spotlight on themselves at all times.

While those born between August 23rd and September 22nd are Virgos – represented by the maiden, a sign that is truly a perfectionist at heart. These individuals have a logical, practical, and systematic approach to life. They are diligent and consistent with their habits and constantly work on improving themselves.

2. There Are Three Birthstones Associate With August

Peridot – The Birthstone of August

Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx are the three precious stones often related to the month of August. Peridot is a yellowish-green colored stone formed under immense pressures and extreme conditions. It is usually found in hardened lava from deep within the Earth’s mantle and the residue left behind by meteorites traveling from outer space.

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Spinel is a stone that comes in a variety of rich colors, including intense red, purple, violet, blue, vibrant pink, and orange. It occurs as a mineral in rare mafic igneous rocks.

In contrast, Sardonyx is the most ancient of all August birthstones and was linked to the month almost 4000 years ago. The stone is brownish-red to dark orange in color and is formed by the deposition of silica at low temperatures.

3. There Are Two Birth Flowers Linked With August

The birth flower of August, Poppy

The month of August is represented by two birth flowers; Gladiolus and Poppy. Gladiolus are red, white, and pink flowers that denote integrity, sincerity, purity, and a strong character. Overall these flowers are a symbol of inner strength and generosity. In comparison, Poppy is a bright red or vermillion orange in color and represents peace, eternal sleep, and oblivion. This flower is the enduring symbol of the First World War.

4. August Is the Seasonal Equivalent Of February

For the Southern Hemisphere, the month of August is the seasonal equivalent of February in the Northern Hemisphere. In the North, August falls during the summer season, while in the south, this month marks the end of winter. Following August, the Northern half of the world enters the beginning of the autumn season, while the Southern half gears up for a colorful spring.

5. Lammas Day Is Celebrated on August 1st

Lammas Day often called the ‘Loaf Mass Day,’ is a Christian tradition intended to celebrate the season’s first harvest. In the liturgical calendar, this day marks the blessing of the first fruits of the harvest – to celebrate, people bake loaves of bread from the fresh ripened grain of the season and bring it to the church to be consecrated.

Lammas day is also the cross-quarter day of the year, marking the mid-point between the summer solstice and autumn equinox.

6. August 10th Is St. Lawrence Day

St. Lawrence day is intended to celebrate the life and valor of one of the most venerated Roman Martyrs known for his bravery, fearlessness, and unshakable Christian faith. He has been labeled as the patron saint of the poor and the cooks.

St. Lawrence was executed under the persecution of Roman Emperor Valeria, and it is believed that before his arrest, he distributed all of the church’s riches amongst the needy, sick, and poor. Folklore believes that fair weather on St. Lawrence day is an indicator of a fair autumn ahead.

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7. August Marks the End of Dog Days of summer

August 11th marks the end of the ‘Dog days of summer, which begin on July 3rd – this phrase is a reference to the fact that during this period, the sun occupies the same space in the sky as the brightest start of the constellation Canis Major called Sirius (the dog star).

Between these days, the sun rises and sets with the star Sirius, which Romans believe adds to the sun’s warmth generating excess heat – making it the hottest stretch of the summer season.

8. Cat Nights Begin During the Month Of August

August 17th marks the beginning of the cat nights – a folklore that dates back to the era when people believed in witches.

According to a historic Irish legend, witches possess the ability to transform into a cat. Witches could shape shift into a cat eight times, but on the ninth time (August 17th), they couldn’t regain their human form and would live as a cat forever. This legend also gave rise to the popular belief that a cat has nine lives.

9. National Aviation Day Is Celebrated In August

National Aviation Day on August 19th recognizes and celebrates Orville and Wilbur Wright, the pioneers of human aviation.

The Wright brothers always found themselves fascinated by the concept of flight. However, it was after studying ‘Octave Chanute’s 1894 progress on flying machines that they eagerly started testing their own ideas.

After much trial and error, the two landed on the idea of adding an engine to their device. Thus, on December 17th, 1903, the first controlled, powered, and sustained, heavier-than-air human flight was launched.

10. August 24th Marks St. Bartholomew’s Day

The assassination of St. Bartholomew

According to the New Testament, Bartholomew was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ – the disciples and closest followers of Jesus who, after his passing, became the primary teachers of the gospel.

Legends believe Saint Bartholomew was martyred at the command of Armenian King Astyages by flaying, skinning, and beheading. Due to his death’s cruel and unruly nature, he is often labeled as the patron of leather makers, tailors, plasterers, farmers, house painters, tanners, and butchers.

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11. Women’s Equality Day is Celebrated In August

Women’s Equality Day, previously called Women’s Suffrage Day, is celebrated on August 26th and commemorates the ratification of the 19th Amendment to The US constitution allowing females the right to cast their vote.

Although the amendment was granted back in 1920, the US Congress formally designated this day in 1971 to acknowledge the continuous efforts made by women to be free of discrimination and receive equal status in society.

12. Multiple Strange Days and Events Are Celebrated in August

Apart from the prominent internationally known and acknowledged holidays celebrated during the month of Aaugust, many surprising and somewhat strange days also occur during this month. Some of these ‘Just for Fun’ Days include

  • August 1st – 7th: National Clown Week
  • August 10th: National S’mores Day
  • August 12th: Vinyl Record Day
  • August 13th: International Left-Handers Day
  • Aug. 17: International Geocaching Day
  • August 17th: World Honeybee Day
  • August 25th: Kiss-and-Make-Up Day

17 Interesting Facts About August. Facts about August

If you are still curious and want to learn more about the intriguing month of August, feel free to click the link mentioned below.


It is safe to say that August is one of the most fascinating months of the year. It is a month when seasons change and people gradually transition to a new chapter of their lives. The month holds historic and religious value, since multiple significant events and holidays are celebrated during this month worldwide.

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