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10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Bailey Spinn

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Bailey Spinn is not your average 18-year-old. Thanks to her unmatched (Point of View) “POV” comedy sketches, she has managed to garner a substantial amount of attention from not just the TikTok community but also the wider social media audience.

With a whopping 1.1 million follower count on TikTok alone, the star’s rise to fame has managed to become a source of inspiration for many upcoming artists on the platform. Even though she started out like many others, posting content merely for leisure, it didn’t take her long to become the center of attention, especially after one of her POV comedy sketches went viral.

Are you intrigued to learn more about Bailey Spinn? Here we have everything you need to know about her dream collab, the first viral TikTok, and much more!

Here Are Some of the Least Known Facts About Bailey Spinn

1. She Is a Freshman At College

It’s safe to assume that Bailey Spinn does not believe in keeping all her eggs in one basket. Despite having a thriving career on a platform used across the world, she’s still focused on having a meaningful academic record. Hence, she’s pursuing education and is currently a freshman at San Diego State University.

2. It Was Mostly Fun And Games For Her Until This Happened!

Bailey Spinn does not shy away from acknowledging that she is, in fact, a regular teenager who enjoys doing stuff like hanging out with friends, working out, and, of course, trying new food. However, her quest to be the best started from a POV video she came across randomly on TikTok. Before that, it was all about making funny content with friends.

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3. She Credits This Video For Her Success

The first-ever video that she credits for her success is the POV video “You can taste whatever your soulmate tastes.”

After coming across it on her “for you” page, the TikTok star made her own, and within a few days, the video ended up getting 100k views. From this point on, she witnessed a rising trend both in terms of likes and followers.

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4. She Wants Her Dream TikTok Collaboration With a YouTuber

If there’s anyone Bailey Spinn is particularly fond of, it’s YouTuber, Amber Scholl. She credits Scholl’s vibrant personality and captivating content as one of the many things that helped her get through some difficult times of her life. Hence, she hopes to not only meet her one day but also collaborate for a TikTok video.

5. Bailey Spinn Is More Than Just a TikToker

While the world knows her for her engaging TikTok content, her family knows her as someone who’s not only fond of creating videos but also as a fashion enthusiast, a brilliant skater, and workout buff. Her love for fashion, skating, and working out becomes a lot more apparent as she doesn’t hesitate to incorporate bits and pieces of these hobbies into her POV videos.

As she states in her own words, “through my passion for working out, I make sure to let people know that only by bettering your physical and mental health can you maintain a solid workplace ethic and, of course, a happy life.”

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6. She Wants to Be Able to Teleport

In a recent interview, Bailey Spinn revealed that as a superpower, she would love to be able to teleport. She believes that it’s not only a way to make transportation easier, but it’s also a quick way to reach those who need help in emergencies.

7. Her Family Was Not Initially Accepting of What She Did

Bailey Spinn’s job as a TikToker wasn’t something her parents understood all that well in the beginning. In fact, it took them a while to come to terms with what she did. However, once they did have all of their questions answered, they accepted her choices with open arms, and to this day, they’re her biggest supporters.

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8. If It Wasn’t For Her Social Media Success, Bailey Would Never Have Made This Memory.

One of the memories that Bailey is super fond of is traveling to LA and meeting all of her favorite creators. She truly believes that such an opportunity would not have come to her if it wasn’t for her social media success.

She met Emma Norts, Brooklynne Webb and many others who made the trip worth it. However, more than the trip itself, it was the knowledge and wisdom she received about content creation that meant the world to her.

9. Bailey Wouldn’t Have Made It This Far If It Wasn’t For This Person.

The TikTok star owes her biggest thanks to Temima, her manager. Bailey Spinn was not always great at making quality content. In fact, she struggled in a number of areas, such as organizational methods and time management.

However, thanks to Temima, she was soon able to find her way out of these hurdles. Today, she’s not only excelling at creating content but is also able to manage her time well and give attention to her studies. If it wasn’t for Temima, Bailey might soon have lost her love for making videos.

10. Her Fans May Soon See Her Thriving On YouTube

After making significant progress on TikTok, Bailey Spinn wants to try her luck on YouTube. Even though she believes that she has formed a strong base in her career through TikTok, it may still take her a while to achieve the same amount of success on YouTube. Since both platforms are worlds apart from each other, she may need more than just passion to gain her ground there.

As she hopes to make it big and improve her portfolio, we can only wait for what she has for her fans next.

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Funny Bailey Spinn TikTok Videos 2021

If you’re tempted to learn more about her work, here’s a compilation of Bailey Spinn’s funny TikTok videos from 2021.


Bailey Spinn’s recipe for success has been about making captivating content on TikTok and staying true to herself. What started as nothing but a way to kill her time has now reached a rather interesting point. Despite being at a tender age, Bailey Spinn has left no stone unturned in refuting the general impressions associated with teenagers using TikTok.

Moreover, as a freshman in college and an exercise enthusiast, she also believes in keeping her side hustles alive. Even after gaining remarkable success at such a young age, Bailey Spinn does not have any plans to stop any time soon.

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