Surprising Baywatch Facts You’ve Never Heard Before!

Baywatch was that famous TV series that catapulted Pam Anderson’s status as a sex symbol. It also helped to reinvigorate David Hasselhoff’s acting career. And then…the show lost its popularity. Never fear, because a 2017 film reboot is set! Plus, The Hoff and Pam are going to make appearances in the new movie.

Let’s take a look back and learn some more insider facts about Baywatch. This TV series went through changes in characters, theme songs, and locations. It was also popular abroad, but in Iceland, viewers were outraged over the Icelandic subtitles. Apparently, the words blocked some visuals!

Surprising Facts about Baywatch

1 They Were Better Than Baywatch

Mitch and Cort were Navy SEALs in real life.

2 Triple Threat

Neely Capshaw was played by Gena Lee Nolin, Heather Campbell, and Jennifer Campbell.

3 No Love From NBC

Baywatch was canned by NBC after its preliminary season, but was run in syndication.

4 Born-Again

Donna D’Errico converted to Christianity and vowed never to wear such revealing attire in public.

5 No Aussie Love

The California show was set to film in Australia, but backed out when it was not well-received.

6 Michael Newman: Swimming Star

Newman was one of the very few cast members who knew how to swim and was a real-life lifeguard.

7 A Cast of Fakes!

Most of the Baywatch cast weren’t even strong swimmers, and Pamela Anderson actually hates water!

8 That’s So Meta

During an episode of Baywatch, the cast mentioned another David Hasselhoff project, Knight Rider.

9 A Fitting Name

Kekoa is the traditional Hawaiian word meaning “warrior.”

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10 Where is the Love?

Baywatch was on the air for 11 seasons, yet had a difficult time snagging an Emmy Award.

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11 Some Famous Actors Did Not Make the Cut!

BothAlicia Silverstone and Denise Richards were denied roles after auditioning for the show. Kelly Slater was cast as Jimmy Blade, but was cut from the show after a short period of time.

The Untold Truth Of Baywatch

Baywatch was one of the most successful and long-running TV shows in history, and it became a franchise, with multiple spinoffs, made-for-TV movies, and even a semi-tongue in cheek feature film starring the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here’s the inside story of one of the biggest and most universal phenomena in pop culture.

One of the creators of Baywatch, Greg Bonann, worked as a lifeguard himself patrolling the beaches of Los Angeles County throughout the ’70s and ’80s. One day he mentioned to fellow lifeguard Michael Newman that their job might make for good TV. Newman recalled on E! True Hollywood Story, “[Greg] goes, ‘If that show CHiPs could make it, we could make a show about lifeguarding.'”

Bonann unsuccessfully pitched his show for 10 years. Then in the late ’80s, while still working the beaches, Bonann rescued the children of Stu Erwin, an executive at TV production company, MTM Enterprises. Bonann pitched Erwin his series, and while Erwin passed, he helped the lifeguard refine his story.

A few lucky connections later, the idea was developed into a show called Baywatch, by co-writers Michael Berk and Douglas Schwartz. It was then pitched to CBS. That network said no, but NBC approved a two-hour TV movie which would also serve as a pilot called Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier.

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Airing in 1989, Panic at Malibu Pier ranked among the top 10 most popular shows of the week, leading NBC to order a Baywatch series set to debut that fall. But early Baywatch was less a breezy swimsuit spectacle and more of an ’80s action drama. It also wasn’t that popular, finishing at Number 60 in the Nielsen ratings, edged out by My Two Dads and Father Dowling Mysteries. NBC’s Baywatch run ended after a single season. Keep watching the video to see the untold truth of Baywatch.

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