Unknown Beard Facts That Will Amuse You

Beard Facts

Short or long, fine or coarse, blonde or black…they’re beards. This facial hair feature has been making a return in recent years, so we thought that we would explore some of the little-known tidbits about them. So here you are; 10 unfortunate beard facts that’ll blow your socks off.

Whether you like a nice full neck beard or a classy goatee, this is where you will learn all there is to know about this manly attribute. And while some of them might freak you out, just know that beards are a way of life, so you might as well embrace them!

Fresh Facts about Beards

1 Beards Under Cover

“Beard” is actually a slang term for someone who pretends to be the lover of a gay person.

2 The Bearded Saint

Saint Wilgefortis of Portugal is a bearded lady who is the patron saint of disgruntled wives.

3 Saved by the Beard

Legend knows that Princess of Portugal prayed for disfigurement to get out of a betrothal, so her prayers were answered and she grew a beard!

4 Beards Out of Class

At Brigham Young University, located in Provo, Utah, United States, the male students are not permitted to have beards, unless medically impossible.

5 Beards with Class

In ancient Egypt, men (and women!) would wear metal beards called postiches for celebrations to show their class.

6 Shaving by Another Name

Impress your friends with this lengthy word for shaving: ‘pogonotomy.’

7 Project: De-Beard Fidel Castro

Seriously, the CIA wanted to tarnish the image of Castro by de-bearding him, as if his power was in his facial hair.

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8 The Beard Tax

The Russian Peter, the Great once enacted a beard tax so that more men would be apt to shave.

9 The Amish Way of Revenge

Apparently, when the Amish have a beef with someone, they attack their beard and chop it off!

10 Mohammed Morsi: The Beard Prez

Yes, believe it or not, he was the first president of Egypt that did a beard.

11 Soul Patches are beards?

Another name for the “soul patch” is an “imperial” beard. A small tuft of beard hair is also called a “mouche,” which is the French term for “fly.” We’re not quite sure why though! And shaving won’t inhibit beard growth!

Video: Things will make you appreciate your beard

Beards are the exclamation points of real men, according to many guys who have beards! Beards carry with them a sense of reverence and wisdom …and also bread crumbs. LOL. There are so many reasons to grow and keep a beard.