10 Fascinating Boxer Dog Facts You’ll Want to Tell Everyone

The Boxer dog breed falls under the working dogs group. This dog breed is known for its intelligence, friendliness, loyalty, energy, and playfulness. The Boxer breed was developed in Germany and it features short-hair and medium built sizes. Boxers are commonly brindled or fawn colored.

Boxer Dog Facts

1 They are a breed of Bulldogs and an extinct breed, the Bullenbeisser.

2 In the dog world, Boxers have the longest puppyhood. They don’t fully mature until after three human years.

3 Boxers have a unique jaw, wherein the lower jaw is longer than the upper and curves upward slightly.

4 Boxers fart, snore, and drool—a lot! They also love to lie NOT next to you, but ON top of you! They can jump high and love to give wet and sloppy kisses.

5 White Boxers are not albinos and neither is it a result of genetic mutation; however, they are at an increased risk of skin cancer. Further, 15% of Boxers are born white and most white boxers are mean, harder to train, and deaf. Thus, as from 2011, white Boxers are not considered a breed standard.

6 Boxers are prone to Boxer Cardiomyopathy, a heart disease. They are also susceptible to skin and bone disorders.

7 There is no such thing as a black Boxer; they only come in brindled or fawn color.

8 Boxers are great watchdogs, but gentle when it comes to kids. However, it can be aggressive when the situation calls for it.

9 Boxers do not like the cold and can over-heat in hot weather. This is due to their short fur which is not enough to keep them warm in the winter and their short snouts which make it hard for them to evenly distribute the heat of the summer.

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10 A Boxer holds a Guinness World Record for the longest tongue in the world. The Boxer’s name is Brandy.

11 The primary reason why Boxers were bred, a long time ago, was for them to serve as medium-sized guard dogs. However, nowadays Boxers are popular pets in homes and are quite loving companions. As a matter of fact, many celebrities own Boxers including Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Biel, Jordan Knight, and Hugh Jackman.

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