17 Intriguing Facts about Brandy Gordon

Brandy Gordon is a beautiful blonde model who has garnered a large following on Instagram by posting videos of herself working out and giving workout instructions. She is a fitness freak and has been posting ab workouts and other training videos on her youtube channel as well.

Here are some esser-known Facts about the gorgeous Brandy Gordon

1. Brandy was born in the United States of America

Brandy was born in the United States of America on February 18th, 1998. Brandy Gordon is currently 23 years old. She has lived in various places in the United States owing to her job.

2. Brandy has been working as a model since she was 14

Brandy has been working as a model since the age of fourteen. She has been under international representation from Germany, Los Angeles, and Miami. Working as a model for over a decade has allowed Brandy to develop a great physique and regimen to maintain her lifestyle. Brandy believes that the modeling industry can be strict and jobs can be unstable, but one can excel in it with the proper dedication.

3. She wants to make living healthy easier

Brandy has developed a regimen for training called the Brandy Theory. She has instructed hundreds of her followers to follow her workout videos and work on themselves to look and feel better. Brandy ensures to create content that is easy to follow for anyone and gives noticeable results.

4. Brandy loves to take care of her body

Aside from helping train others, Brandy is vigilant about her body as well as she maintains her good build with regular exercise and training. Brandy has made video demonstrations showing followers how to do core, abs, hips, legs, butt workouts correctly on Youtube. She does Pilates, boxing, and even weightlifting.

5. She dreams of being an entrepreneur

Brandy hopes to achieve her dream of being an entrepreneur. She would like to develop a collection of athleisure wear while continuing to work as a model and a successful social media influencer.

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6. Brandy is also a budding YouTuber

She is a popular Youtuber and has slowly garnered a subscriber count of 1.1K on Youtube. She has been posting videos of her workouts for over a year and continued to create content even amid the pandemic and her busy schedule.

7. Brandy has traveled wide and far

Brandy Gordon has traveled to places all over the USA for her job. She has been to California, Florida, New York, Chicago, and many more locations for shoots and pleasure.

8. She loves Lana Del Rey

Brandy is a big fan of Lana Del Rey’s music. She has also visited the elite Manhattan restaurant called Cipriani’s, which was mentioned in Lana Del Rey’s song ‘Off to the Races.’

9. Brandy is in a loving relationship

Brandy is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend called Thomas Herd. Thomas goes by the name of Tommy on his Instagram. He is also a columnist for Forbes Magazine. Brandy and Thomas post cute videos of themselves on their social media pages. Thomas has also appeared on Brandy’s YouTube channel.

10. Brandy is based in Los Angeles

Brandy Gordon has recently moved to West Coast, Los Angeles, from living in the East Coast, New York City. She moved to Los Angeles to adapt to a much more laidback lifestyle that would better match her own sunny personality.


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11. She endorses lifestyle and fashion products

Brandy has a large following of around 539K followers on Instagram. Brandy posts a variety of pictures from her shoots and from her personal life on Instagram. Some of Brandy’s posts have been endorsed by popular brands like revolve, superdown, Lovers and Friends, and more.

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12. Brandy loves to go out

Brandy is a big fan of going out to parties. She likes to go out and visit new restaurants and places with her friends and boyfriend.

13. She has a dinosaur bag she absolutely loves

Brandy Gordon has a small cute dinosaur bag named Tyrone, which she absolutely adores. Brandy believes that purses should be creative and plans on making duplicates of Tyrone as merch for her followers.

14. Brandy also makes lifestyle vlogs

Brandy does not only make quality workout videos, but she has also started sharing her personal life on YouTube. She makes lifestyle vlogs that show her routine, model makeup looks, fun times with her friends, and travel diaries. She edits all her videos herself and works hard to engage her audience.

15. She struggled with body image issues

Brandy grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Her beautiful looks encouraged her to take on modeling as a career at a young age. She struggled with body image issues as a child and used to deprive herself of food to maintain a certain figure. She has had a bad relationship with food, but now, Brandy has recovered and is teaching others to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.


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16. Her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland

Brandy Gordon loved the book Alice in Wonderland as a child. She believes the book contains a wonderful spark of magic. She also told in an interview that she had been reading Don Quixote with her boyfriend at night, which she found to be a lovely and fun bonding experience.

17. Brandy is represented by a modeling agency

Brandy is represented by the Behave agency on Instagram. She is also represented by Select Miami, one of the leading modeling agencies.

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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY AS A MODEL // with Brandy Gordon

This is a video from Brandy’s YouTube channel where she shows what she eats in a day as a fashion and bikini model. All of the meals prepared in the video are super healthy, quick, and easy to make. This is just a little peek into Brandy’s daily and professional life.


Brandy Gordon is a social media influencer on Instagram who also works as a model. She is known for her fitness workout videos and her bubbly personality. Brandy is available on YouTube as well, where she posts fun lifestyle and workout videos her followers. She aims to start an athleisure brand one day to further her goals of being in the fitness industry. Brandy has also written blogs about diet and fitness regimens to guide people to lose weight easily.

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