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Bruce Lee Facts You Didn’t Know!

Bruce Lee Facts

We know him as one of the most compelling fighters on the planet. He is Bruce Lee, and if you knew about his humble beginnings, you may not believe that this same guy is now recognized as a real-life “Superman.”

We are talking about a guy who was beaten up when he was 13, and was referred to in his family by a girl’s name when he was a child. Yet Bruce Lee grew up to be a wunderkind and we have never seen a man quite like him. Even Chuck Norris is afraid of Bruce Lee. So check out these enthralling Bruce Lee facts that will leave you utterly breathless.

Facts about Bruce Lee’s Life

1 He Had a Way with Chopsticks

He used chopsticks to practice his swiftness by catching airborne grains of rice with them.

2  Can’t Touch This

While working with him on movies, the camera crew found him to move too quickly to film, so they used slower footage.

3 He Was Motivated by Blood

Known as the “Vampire Taunt,” when Bruce Lee tasted his own blood, he was more compelled to fight even harder against his opponent.

4 His Punching Bags Weighed 300 Pounds

And they were filled not with sand, but with metal, so that he wouldn’t kick right through them!

5 He Couldn’t Use Normal Punching Bags

Not because he couldn’t handle it; the punching bags were too small and weak for Bruce Lee to practice with.

6 His First Job in America

When Bruce Lee moved from Hong Kong to America, he earned some money by teaching Americans how to dance.

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7 He Even Won an Award for Dancing

As a matter of fact, he was the 1958 Hong Kong cha cha champion when he was just 18 years old!

8 He Danced, Too!

Besides being totally agile and a professional at martial arts, Bruce Lee was an excellent dancer.

9 He Never Lost a Fight

After that teenage incident, Bruce Lee dedicated himself to martial arts and never lost another fight again.

10 He Was Inspired at a Young Age

When he was a teenager, Bruce Lee was jumped by a gang of boys, who robbed and beat him.

11 His connection with Ed Parker

Bruce Lee was born in Chinatown and was invited to a martial arts tournament in Long Beach by Ed Parker. Back in Chinatown, Lee fought against Wong Jack Man, a controversial match-up that resulted from Lee refusing to stop teaching non-Chinese individuals. Lee also smacked-talked about Wong before the match!

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Image Credit: “Selected Stills : Bruce Lee – Enter The Dragon” by brtsergio is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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