Fierce Bulldog Facts That Every Dog Owner Should Know

That button nose, the slobber, the waddle and stumpy rump – it’s a bulldog. It has to be! Don’t let the sturdy thickness of this dog deceive you. The Old English Bulldog can leap up to seven feet into the air. Want more crunchy nuggets?

Then read our list of 10 fierce Bulldog facts that every dog owner should know. U.S. President Warren G. Harding loved bulldogs so much that he had one live with him in the White House (he was the only Prez to do so.)

Bulldogs were first bred in England back in the 1700s, so they have a long history of cheering us up and looking adorable!

1 Popular Pets

The bulldog ranks as the 5th most popular pet in the United States.

2 A Meaty Man’s Best Friend

A bulldog’s tendency to put on weight is super-high; one of the highest among all dog breeds.

3 Get a Move on!

These dogs typically weigh 40 to 50 pounds and require large amounts of exercise every day.

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4 Bulldogs Represent Others

The U.S. Marines, Yale University, and the country of England has used the bulldog icon.

5 A Violent History

Bulldogs originated from fighting mastiffs, which is why they were first used in recreational dog fights.

7 A Big Bite, a Big Bark

Bulldogs have powerful jaws that are built to clench onto enemies and objects.

8 Call Your Vet if it’s Pregnant

Bulldogs are so bulky and muscular, that the pups are often birthed via C-section.

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9 You Better Watch Out

Bulldogs are cute and loving, but they are also fierce protectors of their owners.

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10 Keep an Eye on Health

Common maladies for bulldogs include lung and breathing issues as well as joint stress.

11 Bulldogs Tend to Fart a Lot

Sorry, but your bulldog may be a bit stinky!

12 They are used for illegal fighting – sad.

We know about pitbulls and dog fighting, but bulldogs were used in “bullbaiting”, a horrific activity.

13 Originally Used for Cattle?

The original use for this breed was driving cattle in the fields. But now, the bulldog is a popular family pet and acts more like a lapdog.

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