The Sweetest Candy Facts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Candy Facts

Everyone loves candy. Here are 10 interesting candy facts that will blow your mind:


The Sweetest Facts about Candy

1 The world’s top five best selling candies are M&Ms, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Milka, Trident and Mejji.

2 Shockingly, 90 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold during Halloween week totaling a mind-bending $1.2 billion in sales.

3 Originally, the 3 Musketeers was packaged with three bars – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

4 M&Ms have included weird fillings such as crisped rice, pineapple, orange chocolate, pretzel, candy corn, and pumpkin spice.

5 Cotton candy was invented by a dentist named Dr. William J. Morrison in 1897.

6 20 pieces of Brach’s candy corn have the same sugar content as a can of coke.

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7 Eating quality dark chocolate in moderation can moisten your skin, make it smoother and protect it against sunburn.

8 Xylitol, a natural sugar used as a sweetener in mints, chewing gum and hard candies, prevents tooth decay when consumed regularly since your mouth produces less plaque and lactic acid in the process.

9 Chewing gum improves your short-term memory and brain performance.

10 Children who eat candy are healthier, weigh less and have a lower risk of contracting heart disease.

11 The largest chocolate candy sculpture ever created weighs a colossal 267.4 kg, the same as a fully grown bear

12 The longest chocolate candy sculpture measures 25.24 meters long, which is equivalent to the length of a standard tennis court.

13 The most peeps eaten in 30 seconds is 25

14 The most Mars bars eaten in two minutes is five

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15 The fastest time to open a bag of Skittles and sort them by color is 21.76 seconds.

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