Top 7 Fascinating Facts About Carina Zavline

Influencer, social media star and model to boot – those are just some of the facts about Carina Zavline that make her an inspiring figure. She was born on March 11th, 1997 in Munich, Germany was interested in modeling from a young age.

The Instagram model turned influencer made a name for herself after appearing on Germany’s Next Top Model and was a personal favorite of the judge, Heidi Klum, an influential model in her own right.

As a German model with perfect fashion sense, Carina has set the modeling industry ablaze with her scintillating snaps and her down-to-earth personality. As the daughter of parents who encouraged her to be her authentic self, she has no plans of slowing down.

Top 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Carine Zavline 

1. She Is Highly Educated

Who says beauty cannot be accompanied by brains? Not only does Carine Zavline hold a BA in Communication and Media Research from the Ludwig Maximillian University, she is pursuing higher studies at SciencesPro Institute in Paris. She always loved to film stories and would update her Instagram account regularly with pictures of her travels.

2. She Participated in Germany’s Next Top Model

In 2017, Carina took part in Germany’s Next Model as one of the modeling hopefuls aiming for a lucrative career and opportunities in the industry. The reality TV show is based on a concept that was introduced by model turned entrepreneur, Tyra Banks.

While Carina did not win, she did make an impression on viewers and judges as you can see from her massive Instagram following. In fact, she got her first official modeling gig right after the show. Read on to find out where.

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3. She Has a Large Instagram Following

As of today, Carina Zavline has more than 720,000 followers on Instagram and the numbers keep increasing for good reason. The page is constantly being updated with fun and gorgeous posts showing the model in all her glory in a range of exotic and global backdrops.

Her Instagram account is basically her personal brand which she manages herself. As an authentic individual, she shies away from mainstream trends in favor of her own creative ideas. We can say that unlike other brands, she has made hers accessible to her followers in a manner that both inspires and motivates them.

4. Her Self-Esteem Is Through The Roof!

From a very young age, Carina was raised to feel confident in her own skin and abilities – a trait that shows through her stunning pictures and interviews.

For example, rather than being discouraged that she did not meet the height requirement to enter Germany’s Next Top Model, she auditioned anyway and won the judges over with her natural talent and personality.

She proved that obstacles are surmountable if we believe in ourselves and no one can tell us what we are capable of except ourselves. Her go-get-em attitude is one of the main reasons behind her massive Insta fame.

5. She Doesn’t Sweat Over ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’

Carina has proven time and again that far from getting to her head, fame has made her a humbler and more mature person. As per an interview, she revealed that she does not worry if a post doesn’t get sufficient likes. In fact, she posts pictures that she personally takes a liking to whether that appeals to her followers or not.

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According to Carina, since algorithms are always changing, it doesn’t matter what and when she posts. She also shared that her posts do not reflect her as a person.

Even though working for a big brand is great, she has come to a point that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. With the ticker on her Insta account red hot with new followers each day, the approach seems to be working.

Carina Zavline the model

6. She Became The New Face Of Opel After Leaving Germany’s Next Top Model

By participating in Germany’s Next Top Model, Carina Zavline got access to several opportunities that made her modelling career take off.

After her stint in the modeling competition, she became the new face of Opel. Besides this, she is also the brand ambassador of Guess and has forged several paid social media partnerships. No wonder her net worth is about $5 million and counting!

7. Her Travels Boost Her Instagram Following

Ensuring that social media sponsorships from brands keep on coming is not easy, but Carina Zavline makes it look effortless. Since she loves to travel, it seems that she never seems to run out of Insta- snaps that her followers cannot get enough of.

Carina Zavline Modeling Like A Pro

Wondering how Carina Zavline makes her sponsors proud? Here is a great beauty tutorial she did for Guess by showing off three essential outfits that are must-haves for Spring. From simple loungewear to an elegant office outfit, each look showcases the brand’s modus operandi to perfection. The video features looks that are both chic and elegant.

Carina Zavline is One to Watch!

From walking the range of cat walks on Germany’s Next Top Model to getting backing from top brands and social media giants, Carina Zavline has proven that she is here to stay. Making her parents and her country proud is just the tip of the iceberg for her.

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With her massive Instagram following, devil-may-care attitude and a zest for the finer things in life, her future as a model is bright. As a confident young woman, she remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring young ladies across the globe. She recently moved to Los Angeles during 2021 to pursue training in acting at the world famous Lee Strasberg acting school. So it is likely she will become an actress you will be seeing on the big screen! 

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