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Fascinating Facts about Caryn Marjorie that You Should Know

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Caryn Marjorie is a popular social media star who rose to popularity for her videos on YouNow and her social media presence. She is a beautiful star who goes by the name “cutiecaryn” on YouTube and makes lifestyle and beauty videos. Caryn has been a popular YouTuber since gaining fame from making YouNow live streams. She regularly posts on social media and interacts with followers and friends on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you would like to know more about Caryn, keep reading!

Here Are Some Fascinating Facts about Caryn Marjorie 

1. Caryn is originally from Nebraska   

Caryn Marjorie Jones, the popular YouTube and social media personality, is originally from Nebraska. Caryn was born on the 1st of January 2000. In a TikTok video, she stated that if she were just born a day before, she would have been part of the 90’s kids group. Caryn has the zodiac sign Capricorn which is most associated with ambition and practicality. Caryn has also confessed to being a popular school member in Nebraska.

Caryn has about 121k followers on Instagram and 215k followers on the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Caryn usually posts beautiful photoshoots in exotic locations or wearing fabulous clothing. She is a minimal style icon and wears minimum makeup to let her natural look shine. Caryn also enjoys making videos on TikTok. Most of her videos feature her dancing to popular songs, while some show her makeup and skincare routine to her followers. Caryn also shares about her personal life and her friends on TikTok.

3. Caryn rose to popularity with YouNow live streams

Caryn used to make live streams on YouNow in the past. She rose to popularity for her broadcasts on YouNow in 2016, after which she made the switch to YouTube. She is most popularly known for her social media handle, “cutiecaryn.”

4. Caryn is half-Filipino and half-Polish

The beautiful and talented Caryn Marjorie owes her stunning looks to her genes. She was born to Filipino and Polish parents. She has beautiful Filipino features like brown eyes and warm olive tone skin. Caryn has confessed to struggling with accepting and loving her Asian side in a video on TikTok.

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5. Caryn advertises different beauty and lifestyle products on social media

Caryn is an avid user of many different beauty and skincare products and advertises them to her following. She has worked with brands like Walmart, VeetUSA, Loreal Paris, Victoria’s Secret PINK, and Always. The brands Caryn works with cater to young people and mostly young girls. She is an inspiration to you young girls, and Caryn takes care to promote products that work best for her.

6. Caryn encourages young girls with good advice about confidence

Caryn is a social media star who empathizes with young girls going through teenage issues during their middle school and high school. She has shared her struggles with popularity and her self-confidence. Moreover, she has shared her personal stories and has given advice to young teenagers through her YouTube videos.

She has given guidance about grades, dating, skincare, gossipers, self-confidence, skincare, and mean girls in school to young individuals. Most girls find Caryn extremely encouraging and supportive of their problems and have found help from her wonderful videos.

7. Caryn has a twin sister who she loves making videos with

Caryn has a sister that she has made videos with in the past. Caryn’s sister is called Lindell, and she has appeared in multiple videos with her on YouTube. They have mostly made Mukband videos where they eat different kinds of food from a single restaurant and talk about an interesting topic. Lindell and Caryn have tried Dominos, Shake Shack, and Taco Bell together. They have also made a fun get ready with me video where they discussed different topics relating to their personal lives.

Caryn has been featured in different popular publications. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, where Caryn discussed busting DIY skincare hacks. She worked with Neutrogena to promote their skincare products with Cosmopolitan.

Caryn was featured in an article in the New York Times based on YouTube’s decision to take verification away from some big YouTubers. Caryn Marjorie was one w=of the YouTubers whose verification status was taken away from YouTube. She commented to the New York Times that she was emotionally impacted and was hurt by that decision by YouTube because she had worked for years to garner a loyal following on the social media platform, only for her verification status to be taken away from her.

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9. Caryn made a joke about being in a relationship with David Dobrik

Caryn made a video on her TikTok that told her followers that she had been in a relationship with David Dobrik. David Dobrik is a highly popular social media celebrity who rose to fame for his videos on Vine and then YouTube. He became the leader of a group of popular YouTubers called the “Vlog Squad.” Caryn also told her followers that David bought a $300K car for her, they are still on good terms, and he says I love you to her still. She was lip-syncing to the song “Yeaaaaah” by Jaden Smith, by which fans understood that that the star was joking with her followers.

10. Caryn Marjorie met her YouTube friends in person in 2019

Caryn doesn’t feature her friends on her YouTube page very often. She keeps her relationships and her personal life private. Nevertheless, when Caryn met her long-time YouTube friend Kayla Kosuga in person, she was so excited that she featured her in a video. Kayla Kosuga and Caryn Marjorie met in 2019 and went to the popular YouTube event Playlist Live together. They have been good friends ever since, and Karyn met with Kayla after flying to Florida in 2021. Caryn also threw Kayla a dream bridal shower before her wedding, which she had always wanted.

11. Caryn is friends with Ishan Goel

Caryn has been good friends with Ishan Goel. He is a marketing expert who has even written a book called “The Back Door.” Ishan Goel also runs a successful business called Goel Strategies which features branding, creative user interface/user experience, and services for influencers. Caryn has been friends with him for a long time and made a dancing video on his car, which he jokingly made fun of in another video.

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Today I eat a Shake Shack Mukbang with my “twin” sister! Then we spill the tea on the Youtubers we met at Beautycon LA! Meeting everyone was so amazing, and so many people were so sweet to us. Love you all. Xx


Caryn Marjorie is a talented YouTuber and social media personality who has garnered a great following for her encouraging videos and warm and bright personality. Caryn helps young girls feel more confident and beautiful about themselves by accepting themselves and trying new things to take care of their skin and health. Caryn also shares her struggles growing up with her followers and how she had issues dealing with popularity and self-confidence. Caryn is a wonderful person who loves making people happy through her presence and guidance. You can find her on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, regularly interacting with fans.  

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