The Weird and Windowless Skyscraper

Weird Windowless Skyscraper

If you have ever visited Manhattan, you have probably looked up in awe at the tall office buildings. New York City is known for having breathtaking skyscrapers as part of its iconic skyline. The city is well known by everyone for its fast pace, skyscrapers and skyline and its busy residents. But there is one … Read more

9 Mind-Blowing Facts about Dreamcatchers That You Haven’t Heard Before

Mind-blowing facts about dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are one of the most visually stunning artifacts used widely as home décor and gifts, making them one of the best-selling items of any gift shop. However, even after garnering so much popularity, there is a lot to these ornaments that people are unaware of. This article will take you through 9 fascinating facts … Read more

Weird and Cool: Ecuador’s Walking Trees

Walking Tree Facts

In Ecuador’s richly dense forests, and in many other Latin American jungles, there is a type of tree that can allegedly walk. Tour guides and locals talk of the Socratea exorrhiza as being a walking tree, capable of walking towards sunlight during different seasons. For decades, tour guides have explained that these trees constantly grow … Read more

Fun Facts about Orchids You Never Knew

Facts about Orchids

Among horticulturists, orchids are a favorite plant because of their pretty flowers. The genus of orchids is diverse, widespread, and old. All over the world, they grow naturally. Let’s learn more about these popular flowers! Facts about Orchids 1. The word “orchid” comes from the Greek words for testicles and flower, which is why they … Read more

Explosive Earthquake Facts that’ll Make You Tremble

Earthquake Facts

An earthquake is the shaking of the earth that results when energy is released by sudden movements in the Earth’s tectonic plates. Earthquakes are not only deadly, but they bring about significant economic and environmental damages. They are one of the most costly natural disasters to impact our lives, especially in developing countries. The word “earthquake” … Read more