16 November Facts about Holidays, Birthdays, and Special Events

Interesting November facts

November is the month that kickstarts Christmas preparations for many households in the United States. The 11th month on the calendar bids farewell to autumn and gives people a chance to enjoy the last signs of fall as we welcome winter with open arms. It’s the month when winds start to blow, and temperature drops to … Read more

February Facts More Interesting Than Valentine’s Day

Interesting February facts

February is the second month of the year and probably the most anticipated one after December (because of  Christmas). It’s famous for Valentine’s Day, being the shortest month of the year, and changing its number of days every four years. Did you know that February didn’t always have 28 or 29 days? It’s fascinating how … Read more

27 January Facts to Start the New Year With

January facts

For the majority of the world, January is all about new beginnings, resolutions, and happy moments. Even if you don’t find January particularly special, you will, after reading about all the interesting facts associated with this month. In this article, we will share some of the most interesting facts about January, including what it symbolizes, … Read more

The Most Fascinating Facts about The Month Of August

Peridot – The Birthstone of August

“Summer declines, and roses have grown rare, But cottage crofts are gay with hollyhocks, And on old garden walks, you breathe an air Fragrant of pinks and August-smelling stocks.” —John Todhunter (1839-1916) August is the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar and the sixth month of the Roman calendar. Regardless of where you live, this … Read more

What Are the Scariest Bridges in the World?

Scariest bridges in the world

While some people have built bridges for functional reasons such as safe and smooth transportation, others, it seems, only wanted to have fun and develop the fear of height in poor souls like us. If you didn’t have gephyrophobia before, after looking at these 20, you’re sure to get scared! If you’ve had the chance … Read more