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Little Known Facts about Caylee Cowan

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Catherine Caylee Cowan is an American actress known for her role in the romantic film Sunrise in Heaven (2019) and in the horror/action film Willy’s Wonderland (2021) in which she started alongside Nicolas Cage.

Since she’s a new face in the cinema, little is known about Caylee Cowan. So we decided to gather the most fun and fascinating facts about Caylee Cowan.

Our Most Favorite Caylee Cowan Facts

1. Caylee’s Full Name

Caylee’s full name is Catherine Caylee Cowan, but she is commonly known as Caylee Cowan.

2. Caylee’s Siblings

Caylee is the eldest of five siblings. She has two stepsisters and two maternal brothers.

3. Caylee’s Height and Physical Appearance

Caylee Cowan is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has green eyes and brown hair.

4. Caylee’s Nationality

Caylee is of mixed race and holds an American passport. She is Russian, German, and Spanish.

5. Caylee’s Birthplace

Caylee was born in Los Angeles and raised in Phoenix. However, when she turned 18 years old, she booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and partnered with a talent agency within six months of her arrival.

6. Caylee’s Debut in a Feature Film

In her first feature film, Sunrise in Heaven, she played a leading role alongside Corbin Bernsen.

7. Caylee’s Brave Move to Los Angeles

Caylee started acting in theater when she was 16 years old and took night classes at Arizona Actors Academy. However, when she auditioned for 11 drama schools and wasn’t accepted, she moved to Los Angeles devastated. It was the bravest thing she ever did and made her first movie within a year.

8. Caylee Is Also a Singer and a Dancer

In addition to being a stunning young actress, Caylee also likes to sing and dance occasionally.

9. Caylee Is into Smart Guys

Caylee is solely focusing on her career for now and is not dating anyone. But if she were to go on a date with a guy, he would definitely have to be really smart as Caylee is into smart guys.

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10.  Reading Is a Huge Part of Caylee’s Life

Caylee’s passion for acting came from reading books. She had difficulty reading books when growing up. The actress couldn’t read until she was in third grade. So she attended remedial classes. Although she didn’t come from money, her mother always pushed on the importance of reading. According to her, if you want to achieve anything, you will have to read.

11.  Caylee Has a Collection of 1,500 Books

Caylee is a huge book lover and has a collection of 1,500 books in her personal collection.

12.  Caylee’s Favorite Book Genre

Caylee is very much into dystopian universes like The Hunger Games. She loved reading it. She also loved The Book Thief and felt like she could relate to those characters. These stories helped develop empathy in her.

13.  Caylee Started Her Career from Theatre

Caylee started learning about acting through theatre. She explored various scripts and learned how a movie is made.

14.  Caylee’s Favorite Show and Movie

Caylee’s favorite TV show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and her guilty pleasure movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

15.  Caylee Is a Huge Stranger Things Fan

Caylee LOVED Stranger Things and binge-watched the entire show within a few days.

16.  Caylee Has Double-Jointed Fingers

Caylee’s hidden talent is that she can move all her fingers beyond the normal range. All of her fingers are double-jointed, which makes them really flexible and stretchable.

17.  Caylee Is a Huge Fan of The Eagles

Caylee loves the 1970s rock band The Eagles.

18.  Caylee Has Her Own Production Company

Caylee Cowan started her own production company called Triple C Entertainment. Her company has made a number of shirt films and a low budget feature film. She plans on growing her production company in the next five years and also wants to produce her own feature films and TV shows.

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19.  Caylee Spent a Lot of Her Time During the Shoot of Sunrise in Heaven with Its Real Life Character

During the preparations of her first film, Sunrise in Heaven, Caylee was very attracted by the script. Since the script was based on a book and her character is still a living person, Caylee decided to meet the person who she was playing.

She took her out for lunch and observed her characteristics so she could use them for her performance. She made sure that the lady felt like she was part of the process since the movie was based on her. It was her story and it meant a lot to the lady that she was on the set.

20.  Caylee Was Considered for the Movie “Looking for Alaska”

Caylee Cowan was also considered for the movie Looking for Alaska for the role of Alaska Young. However, she did not get the role.

21.  Caylee Is Also a Painter

In addition to being a stunning actress, and a book lover, Caylee also happens to like painting. She began painting back in 2018 and has painted 3 beautiful painting until now of a woman, a sunflower, and a self-portrait.

22.  Caylee Has a Huge Instagram Following

Caylee also happens to have a lot of fans on her social media. She’s usually more active on her Instagram where she has over 549k followers.

23.  Caylee’s Upcoming Movie

Caylee is also going to star in an upcoming crime and thriller movie called Frank and Penelope. The movie is a story of love and violence.

24.  Caylee Had a Severe Accident a Year Before Her First Movie Was Released

Before shooting Sunrise in Heaven, Caylee was hit by a car on route 66 while walking back home from an audition. In fact, her first movie, Sunrise in Heaven, was released on the same day next year when she was hit by the car.

SUNRISE IN HEAVEN Official Trailer (2019) Caylee Cowan

Official trailer of Sunrise in Heaven starring Caylee Cowan, a first-time actress, alongside Travis Burns, Corbin Bernsen, Dee Wallace, and Erin Bethea.

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Caylee Cowan is a new face in Hollywood but has quickly gained popularity after her leading role in Sunrise in Heaven and Willy’s Wonderland. Our favorite fact about Caylee has to be her love for reading. We couldn’t agree more with her views that one needs to read if they want to achieve anything. We love how the actor manages to maintain her hobby of reading despite owning a production company and acting. You can find her on her Instagram where she posts remarkable moments of her life.

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