Celine Dion Facts You Won’t Believe Are Real

Turn on the radio, and you are bound to realize that music is not what it was back in the day. That brings us to our list of 10 Celine Dion facts you won’t believe are real. From her family, marriage, and personal relationships, to how she got her start, these are incredible tidbits.

Celine Dion continues to live on and her songs will always be some of the most successful romantic ballads in the history of music. Just take a look at our list, and you will want to watch Titanic and sing along in a heartbeat! Try not to cry though!

Fascinating Celine Dion Facts

1 She Got an Early Start

Celine would sing at her family’s piano bar when she was just 5 years old.

2 Music Runs in the Family

Her mom and dad formed a musical group called Dion’s family.

3 Her Family is Huge

Celine has 13 brothers and sisters, and she is the youngest.

4 She Provided Music for Beauty and the Beast

This helped her to shoot to stardom in 1992.

5 She Went American Mainstream in 1990

This was when she released her very first album in English, called Unison.

6 She is Bilingual

In fact, she had already released nine (yes, nine) French albums by the time she turned 18.

7 She Even Has a French-Sounding Name

Her full name is Celine Marie Claudette Dion.

8 She is Not American

No, Celine is actually a French-Canadian; bonjour!

9 She Spent 5 Years Performing Regularly in Las Vegas

But alas, her stint there ended back at the end of 2007.

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10 She is Making Bank

Celine Dion is the 2nd-highest earning musician to date.

11 She Started Recording Early in Life

By the time Celine was 18, she had recorded 9 French albums as well as won many awards as a result.

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Video: Short Bio of Celine Dion

Watch a short biography video of Canadian singer Celine Dion. It is an excellent quick summary that will help you reminisce about how amazing her career has been so far!

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