Interesting Christmas Eve Facts You Never Knew

Christmas eve is the day or evening before Christmas. It is celebrated in the 24th of December. Countries all over the world have distinct beliefs and celebrations during this day.

The Most Fascinating Facts about Christmas Eve

1 Christmas eve in Argentina is celebrated by making paper decorations with light inside called globos. The paper decorations are released into the sky and the sky is filled with beautiful lighted paper balloons at night.

2 Christmas eve in Norway is celebrated by opening presents after eating the holiday dinner. Families also hide the brooms in the house with the belief that witches and spirits may come out during this night.

3 Mince pies are eaten between Christmas eve as well as during the twelfth night. It should not be eaten everyday if you want to bring good luck into your household.

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4 In the 19th century, Christmas Cake was usually eaten during Christmas eve. It was unlucky to cut a Christmas cake before the dawn of Christmas eve.

5 Christmas eve in Japan is a time for couples to celebrate and go out just as they would on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a partner, then you’d better stay at home during Christmas eve if you are in Japan.

6 Half of the population in Sweden watches Donald Duck cartoons during Christmas eve since 1960.

7 The star of Bethlehem that guided the wise men to Jesus was believed to be the planet Uranus according to many astronomers.

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8 In Bolivia, people celebrate Christmas Eve with a Misa del Gallo which translates to the Mass of the Rooster. Some people bring roosters to the mass believing that the rooster will announce the birth of Jesus Christ.

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9 Christmas Eve in Germany, called Heiligabendis, is believed to be a magical time. During this time, people who have pure hearts can hear animals talking.

10 There are more than 2 billion children all over the world, and if Santa gives gifts to all children, he would have to make 842 million stops on Christmas eve and travel 221 million miles (355.66 million Kilometers). To be able to complete this immense round, he would need to travel between houses within 2/10,000 second, which is really fast speed. An ordinary man traveling at this speed would reduce into chunky salsa bits because the force is too strong.

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+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

There are many interesting facts and beliefs during Christmas eve. There are even some forgotten traditions that are no longer used today such as telling ghost stories during Christmas eve in the belief that spirits are also known to be active during this time.

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If you want to learn more about how Christmas is celebrated differently in different cultures, this fun video is fascinating. Personally, I was most surprised by some of the Austrian traditions.