Interesting Christmas Facts You Didn’t Know

Christmas Facts

Christmas is a time for gift giving and celebrating the day of Jesus Christ was born. Celebrated on December 25th, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve is celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated with cheerful Christmas Carols, Christmas tree decorations, and a feast fit for a King.

Fun Facts about Christmas

1 It was St. Francis of Assisi who introduced the singing of Christmas carols in formal church services.

2 In many Western Europe countries, they believe that Santa Claus comes to visit during the eve of December 5 to 6. Thus, children have clean and shined boots placed in front of a window or door.

3 The custom of hanging Christmas socks on doors can be traced back to an Old Dutch custom of leaving shoes filled with food for the donkeys of St. Nicholas and in return they would be given gifts.

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4 Due to the pagan roots of Christmas, its celebration was not widely accepted in 1659 to 1681. In fact, in Boston, it was illegal to celebrate Christmas.

5 The three primary colors that signify Christmas is red, green, and gold. Gold stands for royalty, wealth, and light. Red signifies the blood of Christ. And green is a symbol of rebirth and life.

6 Martin Luther didn’t give the world the Christmas Tree. In fact, the first association of trees with Christmas came from Saint Boniface in the 7th century AD.

7 In the 1300s, the word Noel became a part of the English language and originated from “Natalis” which is a Latin word meaning “day of birth.”

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8 In Holland, it is a popular belief that St. Nicholas has a companion, named Black, who drops the presents into the chimney. And if a child is bad, he carries them off to Spain in a bag.

9 Christmas Day was based on a pagan festival known as Saturnalia which involves gift giving, partying, and gambling to honor the agricultural god Saturn.

10 Santa’s set of reindeers have male names like Rudolph, Cupid, Comet, and Blitzen. But did you know that male reindeers shed their antlers during December? So, it is likely that the reindeers pulling Santa’s sleigh are female.

11 Did you know that it was the Germans who first created an artificial Christmas tree? It was made out of dyed goose feathers.

12 Have you ever wondered why Rudolph’s nose was red? It was hypothesized by Norwegian scientists that it was most likely due to a respiratory system’s parasitic infection.

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101 Facts About Christmas

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