10 Shocking Circus Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

Circuses are designed to entertain and fill audiences with wonder. Sometimes, though, it has the opposite effect. Read on and be shocked; here are 10 circus facts that will leave you with your jaw on the floor:

Facts about the Circus

1 Performers consider elephant hair to be good luck, while the eyes of peacock feathers are considered evil and shunned.

2 PETA is not a fan of circuses; they contend that a majority of animals used in acts are beaten or abused to force their submission.

3 The Ringling Brothers offers a very prestigious clown college for those demonstrating great ability for exaggerated facial expressions.

4 The Human Cannonball act utilizes a cannon with springs or compressed air to launch daredevils a tremendous distance, with a world record of 59 meters.

5 Circuses were initially used as a way to re-enact battles or show off skills of horsemanship.

6 Circuses come in many different forms; contemporary circuses like Cirque du Soleil attempt to portray storylines throughout their acts.

7 The modern circus is credited to Phillip Astley, an English equestrian who passed away in 1814.

8 Common acts include acrobatics, juggling, gymnastics, contortion, stilts, and of course clown skits.

9 The tradition of a ringmaster developed in the latter half of the 1800s.

10 Circuses have been around for hundreds of years, with the first documented circus being held in England in 1768.

11 Side shows dubbed “freak shows” were especially common in the early years of the circus. Such acts took advantage of people with various deformities, including elephantiasis, dwarfism, hypertrichosis, and other orthopedic anomalies. These shows were billed as educational and designed to fill patrons with wonder, but have understandably ceased operations in professional circuses since the 19th century.

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Video -Circus Fun Facts

rom aerial acts of skill to magic tricks and clowns, for generations the circus has put on a show like none other in the world! In this video discover amazing and true facts about the circus and its band of fascinating performers! Prepared to be amazed and educated, entertained and informed, grab some popcorn bring your friends, pull up a chair – its time for some circus fun facts!