Crazy Clitoris Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

Clitoris Facts

You may already know what a clitoris is; that it is found on top of the vulva and it is a very small and sensitive female organ.

The only function of a clitoris is to give pleasure to a woman. As a matter of fact, many women can reach orgasm just by fondling their clitoris.

But, did you know that the clit is more than a mere button for pleasuring women? Read on to learn more crazy clitoris facts.

Fun Facts about the Clitoris

1 One recent study shows that the distance between your vagina and clitoris can affect your ability to orgasm. The farther the clitoris is from the vaginal opening, the harder it is for a woman to reach orgasm.

2 Did you know that there is an International Clitoris Awareness Week? Yes, there is and it is celebrated from May 4 to May 11. The celebration is sponsored by Clitoraid, which is a non-profit and private organization devoted to helping female victims of genital mutilation.

3 The great grand-niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Bonaparte, had her clitoris surgically moved in order to achieve orgasm.

4 The largest clitoris ever to be measured was pegged at 12-inches. In comparison, the average sized clit is just 1/5 of an inch in length.

5 Arousal of the clitoris changes depending on nutrition level, hydration, and stress level.

6 Interestingly, as much as 29% of college women do not know how or where to locate the clitoris.

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7 The clitoris grows in size all throughout a woman’s lifetime. By the time a girl reaches puberty, her clitoris is 1.8 time bigger than the clit’s birth size, and at 32 years old, it is 4x bigger and 7x larger after menopause.

8 The clitoris is quite alike with a penis. It swells when aroused; it has a foreskin and a glans. But, the clitoris has a lot more nerve endings.

9 The G-spot is fondly nicknamed by Chinese Taoists sexplorers as the “black pearl.”

10 The clit is known by many names including bald man in a boat, door bell, joy buzzer, love button, cherry pit, and rosebud. The size of the clit also has names. Big ones are called chickpeas, medium ones are called lentils, and small ones are called sesame seeds.

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Video: The Unknown Greatness of the Clitoris

In this fascinating presentation from her TEDXOslo talk, Maria Røsok discusses how she  discovered a major general lack of knowledge of the female sexual organ the clitoris.

She presents to us the unknown greatness of the clitoris. Maria Røsok is heading the organization Sex og samfunn, Norways largest clinic for sexual and reproductive health which treats, councils and teaches about 50 000 youth, nurses and medical doctors every year.