Cloning Facts That’ll Blow Your Socks Off

Cloning Facts

It’s the subject of science fiction, and as it turns out, modern day science as well. Cloning has become a hot topic of controversy over the years, yet scientists can’t help but appease their curiosity. What follows are 10 curious cloning facts.

Cloning Facts

1 CLONAID is a company founded in 1997 claiming to be the first human cloning company in the world, but it has since left the United States in order to reside in a country with a more hospitable social perception.

2 Though modern technology has made huge strides, 95% of animal cloning attempts still end in failure.

3 The fatal Large Offspring Syndrome occurs in over 50% of cloned cattle, but only 6% of normally bred livestock.

4 Cloning humans and other primates is much harder than other mammals due to two proteins known as spindle proteins.

5 The very famous Dolly the sheep was the first ever cloned animal started from a cell unrelated to the fertilization process, which was a big scientific achievement.

6 Animals that have been successfully cloned include: cats, dogs, deer, horses, mule, oxen, rabbits, rats, and a rhesus monkey.

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7 The first ever cloned animal was a sea urchin in 1885.

8 One of the most recently cloned animals was a ferret in 2006 used to study cystic fibrosis.

9 The FDA has approved the sale of animal products from cloned animals and their offspring.

10 The term “cloning” was first coined by Englishman John Haldane in a speech given in 1963.

11 Navel oranges are all technically clones. These seedless oranges presented farmers with a unique obstacle because, without seeds, it is hard to commercially grow food products. Farmers graft budding oranges to other blossoming trees in order to create more navel oranges. As a result, all navel oranges originate from the same tree in Brazil.

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