Coffee Facts That Will Give You a Jolt!

Ah, who doesn’t love coffee? There is nothing quite like a hot cup of joe first thing in the morning. To celebrate, we are showing off our list of fun coffee facts that’ll probably leave you speechless. Who knew there was so much to learn about coffee?

The story is that a shepherd in Ethiopia discovered the caffeine-magical powers of coffee when he used it to stay awake while tending to his goats. The rest, my friends, is history. So keep reading on for even more fun facts about this beloved drink. We will have you buzzing for hours!

1 The First Energy Bars Were Ethiopian

Ethiopian nomads used coffee beans to make energy bars hundreds of years ago.

2 It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Coffee beans pop out of a red berry that grows on a tree.

3 Other Names for Coffee

These include “qahwa” (Arabic,) “kahve” (Turkish,) “Kahawa” (Swahili,) and “koffie” (Dutch.)

Also see interesting facts about tea – it’s our 2nd favorite beverage!

4 Would You Drink It?

The Asian Palm Civet is a cat that eats coffee beans, poops them out, and they supposedly produce killer coffee.

5 Must be the Caffeine

Besides drinking loads of water, the coffee plant can live to be 200 years old.

6 Coffee Beans Are Colorful

They’re not always brown, but can start green and ripen to yellow or red.

7 Water it up!

The plant that produces coffee beans always needs to be super hydrated.

8 All About Arabica

Arabica beans are more sugary and have twice the amount of lipids.

9 Two of a Kind

The two main kinds of coffee beans are robusta and arabica.

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10 The Meaning of Mocha

It is the name of a Yemeni port, where coffee was first exported.

11 Capuchin monks would wear coffee-colored robes, which is where we get the name Cappuccino.

Espresso gives us a rush, and the word is Italian for “something forced out.” And forget freeze-dried ice cream; coffee was the first freeze-dried food.

Video:How Coffee is Made

Discover how billions of coffee beans make their journey from coffee farms and plantations, and are processed in gigantic roasting and packaging plants before showing up in coffee cups all over the world.  Be sure to brew up a cup of your favorite java and watch this short educational video.