10 Amazing Corgi Facts Even Trivia Buffs Probably Don’t Know

Corgis have long been known as royal dogs. Here are 10 startling corgi facts:

Startling Facts about Corgi Dogs

1 A corgi has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

2 In Welsh folklore, corgis were the preferred mounts for fairy warriors guarding the forests.

3 The Corgis’ origins can be traced back roughly 1,000 years to Wales.

4 The corgi is a cousin to the Japanese Spitz and the Siberian Husky as they all belong to the Spitz dog family.

5 The Pembroke Welsh corgi is the 11th smartest dog in the world. They are able to obey first commands 85% of the time.

6 Corgis donated a whopping $870,000 to charity in 2011, making it the most benevolent dog breed.

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7 Corgis were voted the most stylish dog breed by Vogue Magazine in 2010.

8 In the past, families based their status on their corgi’s companionship, loyalty, guarding talents and exceptional cattle driving skills.

9 The dogs’ name is Welsh. The ‘cor’ in corgi means ‘dwarf’ while the ‘gi’ means ‘dog’.

10 Queen Elizabeth II has owned over 30 corgis since childhood. Her first Corgis were named Dookie and Jane.

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