Amazing Cristiano Ronaldo Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

You do not have to be a hard core fan of Cristiano Ronaldo to be able to appreciate these fun facts about him. He may be a gorgeous specimen of a man and it’s not only women who love this guy but men too. He is virtually admired for his prowess in soccer and for his sportsmanship too.

Amazing Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

1 Cristiano Ronaldo is vain and arrogant, but to many, this personality trait is a crucial part of Ronaldo that makes him such a leading player in the field.

2 Ronaldo is a multi-millionaire playboy.

3. His son is the fruit of a one-night stand with an American waitress.

4 He has a compassionate and generous heart. He has granted almost 500 wishes with the Make a Wish foundation and donated thousands to multiple charities.

5 He is the son of a gardener.

6 He is the only player to win in 2 different leagues – the “Ballond’or” and “Golden Boot.”

7 In Europe’s top 5 leagues, Ronaldo is the first player to score the fastest 150 goals.

8 In 5 straight seasons, he is the first La Liga player to score 50.

9 Cristiano Ronaldo has his own museum to showcase his achievements in football, which include Manchester United Player of the Year and PFA Player of the year.

10 Ronaldo’s free kick speed averages at 130 km/hour.

11 Ronaldo has a life-like wax figure of himself on display in his museum. Astonishingly, it has been reported that he sends his personal stylist to brush the hair on the wax figurine of himself at least once each month.

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