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Amazing Daddy Long Legs Facts You’ll Want to Tell Everyone

Daddy Long Legs Facts

What do you know about Daddy longlegs? Sometimes it is even referred to as Granddaddy longlegs. Many think of them as spiders, but as a matter of fact, they are not spiders.

The Daddy Long Legs spider is also known as the crane fly spider – it is a type of arachnid that has a large body and thin legs, which are covered in fine hairs. Daddy long-legs spiders can be found in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. These spiders are usually found in moist areas like wet forests or meadows with lots of tall grasses.Daddy long-legs spiders have eight eyes instead of the usual six that other spiders have. These two additional eyes help them see better at night or when it’s dark out.

Daddy longlegs are arachnids that are related to spiders and scorpions. They are commonly found in North America and Europe and can be found on the ceilings of homes during the summertime. Daddy longlegs are harmless creatures that only bite under extreme circumstances when they feel threatened.

Daddy Long Legs Facts

1 Daddy Long Legs are NOT actually spiders! They are arachnids. So technically they are closer to the scorpion family.

2 Daddy longlegs are a very old species with a well-preserved fossil dating back to 400 million years ago.

3 Their second pair of legs is the longest which is used, similar to an insect’s antenna, as a sensory structure.

4 Did you know that adult Daddy longlegs cannot regenerate their legs? It is because adults no longer molt, thus they lose the ability to regenerate their lost limbs.

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5 Harvestmen can breathe through their legs!

6 To escape predators, Daddy longlegs are known to play dead or emit a foul smelling odor to deter predators.

7 Daddy longlegs are scavengers; they feed on carrion and feces.

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8 Daddy longlegs bring their eggs in their mouth at all times, except of course while eating, until these are ready to hatch.

9 Daddy longlegs often clump together in huge groups that would resemble a tangle of hair.

10 Daddy longlegs are more closely related to scorpions than spiders.

11 Even though Daddy longlegs are closely related to scorpions, they are however not venomous. To further differentiate them from a spider, they do not have a narrow waist like spiders do. They have a fused body, one pair of eyes, and they don’t produce silk.

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