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10 Most Exciting Facts about Dakota Jade

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Dakota Jade is a model and actress known for her appearances in Fish Burglars (2004) as the Time Machine kid, in Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (2007) as young Megan, in Don’t Try This at Home (2013) as the babysitter, in A Dark Place Inside (2014) as the female car victim, and in Brutality (2018) as the babysitter.

The young and gorgeous model has over 328k followers on her Instagram and a decent following on Twitch. But let’s go beyond numbers and learn some little-known facts about this internet personality.

Here Are Some Fun Facts that You Should Know about Dakota Jade

1. Dakota Jade is a Sagittarius

Yup. You read that right! Your favorite Instagram model is a Sagittarius who was born on December 16th, 1998. This young and charming girl is known for her showmanship, her charismatic personality, and her thriving nature in social situations, just like any other Sagittarius.

2. She is a hard-core gamer

In addition to being an actress and an Instagram model, Dakota Jade is big on video games. Dakota started gaming on her Nintendo DS when she was very little. Her favorite games used to be Monkey Ball and Super Mario Bros. Fast forward to today, the model still plays a lot of video games and even has her own Twitch channel. Dakota is a die-hard fan of The Last of Us series and Apex Legends, two of the most popular games worldwide.

3. Dakota actually started her acting career in her childhood

Not many people are aware of this fact, but Dakota Jade’s acting career started when she was a child. She met a child actress named Morgan York in her school and inspired her to start acting. Not long after, the aspiring child actress enrolled in acting classes. She started her career by appearing in a Public Service Announcement warning message that was recorded for children.

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Later on, Dakota was represented by Osbrink Agency and also appeared as a lead child actress in a USC graduate film.

4. Dakota did both runway and print modeling jobs as a child

The charming child actress appeared in both runway and print modeling jobs. However, according to her, her favorite modeling job was when she modeled as a flower girl for Venus Bridal. Later on, she appeared as a child actress in Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour movie and continued her acting career.

5. Dakota was a girl scout and quite an athletic child

During her acting days back when she was a child, Dakota Jade was quite an athletic girl. For starters, she was a girl scout member. She also loved playing softball, riding her bike, skating, doing gymnastics, and hip-hop dancing.

6. Dakota Jade loves singing and writes her own songs

In addition to being quite an active model and gamer, Dakota also lives singing. In fact, you would be surprised to know that she writes her own songs.

7. Dakota is a huge advocate of body positivity

Dakota Jade is proud of her body size and is a huge advocate of body positivity. If you go to her Instagram, you will see that this beautiful soul promotes body positivity and encourages people of all sizes to embrace their bodies. She highlights how important it is to love yourself no matter your size and weight.

8. Dakota is a huge advocate of the Black Lives Matter campaign

The model stands with the Black Lives Matter campaign and is also quite vocal and straightforward about it. In fact, she posted a detailed Instagram post about the campaign in June 2020 admitting that she did not previously understand the injustices that happen to black people. The model shared clearly that she stands in solidarity with all her brothers and sisters and is willing to support them in every way she can.

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9. Dakota Jade streams live on her Twitch thrice a week

Since she’s a hard-core gamer, Dakota also likes to stream her gaming sessions on the popular streaming platform Twitch. Her Twitch username is @justkotajade and she streams her favorite games thrice a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. She currently has 2.1k followers on her Twitch channel.

10.  Dakota Jade has appeared in 5 movies until now and several modeling campaigns as a child actress

Ever since the start of her career, Dakota Jade has appeared in the following five movies:

1. Fish Burglars (2004) as the Time Machine kid.

2. Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (2007) as young Megan.

3. Don’t Try This at Home (2013) as the babysitter.

4. A Dark Place Inside (2014) as the female car victim.

5. Brutality (2018) as the babysitter.

Dakota Jade – Last of Us II – Quick Preview

Watch Dakota Jade talk about her all-time favorite game The Last of US II before its release in 2020. The actress seems to be really excited about the sequel and had been anticipating it for years. Dakota explains how the sequel unfolds and how the events will take place. She also loves how great the graphics are in the sequel and is super excited that the game will be available for PS5.


So these are some of the most exciting facts that we came across about Dakota Jade. From being an amazing child actress and model to a hard-core gamer, a singer, an Instagram personality, a Twitch streamer, and a social advocate, there’s truly so much to learn about and from Dakota Jade. 

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We can’t help but love the fact that the model genuinely encourages other women to embrace their bodies, as they are. All of her social media posts are about body positivity and loving yourself. Go ahead and follow Dakota on her Instagram to stay connected with her and get your dose of daily inspiration.

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