14 Interesting Facts about Dana Rae Johnson

Dana Rae Johnson is a social media influencer and content creator known for her big blue eyes and petite figure. She is a university student currently who also models for brands online. The most amazing brand Dana Rae is famous for working with FashionNova. Dana Rae engages her followers with beautiful pictures of her outfits and makeup and shares private insights from her personal life.

Here Are Some of Fascinating Facts about the Beautiful Dana Rae Johnson

1. She is based in Australia

Dana Rae Johnson was born in the state of New South Wales, Australia. She is based there and works with different brands and companies from Australia as well as from the United States of America.

2. Her name has a unique pronunciation

Dana Rae is not a name you hear every day. She has a unique name, and coming from Australia, it is also pronounced differently as it would in the United States of America. The correct pronunciation for Dana is ‘Day-na.’

3. Dana Rae is 22 years old

Dana Rae was born on the 23rd of August 1999. She has loving parents and is currently 22 years old. Dane Rae’s zodiac sign, according to her birth date, is Leo.

4. Dana Rae is studying Speech & Hearing Sciences

Dana Rae Johnson is a good student who focuses on her studies as well as her online career. She is a diligent student who is currently pursuing a university degree in Bachelors of Speech & Hearing Sciences. People with a degree in Speech & Hearing Science go on to become researchers who study speech impaired function and more.

5. Dana Rae endorses several products on Instagram

Dana Rae loves to post about new products on Instagram. She endorses several brands such as Skinny Mint (a company focusing on making fat-burning gummies), Wylera Hair (a company that manufactures high-end hair products), Yoins (a clothing brand that focuses on the latest fashion trends).

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Elvigo Bridal Brand has also worked with Dana Rae to showcase their bespoke bridal dresses. Adam Marc Jewels also gave Dana Rae a beautiful customized necklace of her name.

6. She is a Fashion Nova Ambassador

The most important collaboration Dana Rae has worked on is her Fashion Nova Ambassadorship. Dana Rae is a #novababe as she posts all kinds of outfits from Fashion Nova.

She has modeled for their pretty dresses, amazing activewear, comfortable sleepwear, relaxing loungewear, sweater sets, bikinis, and so much more. She looks stunning in all Fashion Nova outfits as she posts fabulous pictures of herself posing in different locations.

7. She loves dogs

Dana Rae has a deep affection for dogs. She has two sweet dogs that can be seen on her Instagram page. Dana Rae poses with her adorable dogs in many Fashion Nova posts. Dana Rae loves spending time with dogs as she can be seen working out alongside them and even taking them to shoots.

8. Dana Rae receives a lot of gifts from different brands

Dana Rae Johnson is a popular social media influencer who receives a variety of gifts from different brands. She has received reusable makeup remover pads from La Plume Cleansing, a silk pillowcase and eye mask from DREAMONSILK, crystal wine glasses from Cristina Re, and hair extensions from Sitting Pretty Halo Hair. Dana has also received many bouquets and jewelry from different brands.

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9. She has collaborated with service brands as well

Dana Rae has collaborated with many service brands, such as sitting pretty halo hair. She has gotten facial and sculpting services from popular contour clinics as well.

10. Dana Rae has amazing facial features

Shehas a beautiful face. She grew her Instagram popularity by posting beautiful pictures of herself endorsing different brands. She has wide blue eyes with thick dark eyelashes that make them the most prominent feature of her face. With a small face and figure, Dana Rae can pose in cute and simple attire as well as model for fabulous magazine photoshoots.

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11. She keeps her personal life private

Dana Rae keeps most of her personal life off of the internet. There are no known details about her family or siblings. Dana Rae has not shared details about her private romantic life on social media either.

12. Dana Rae has also been featured in magazines

Dana Rae has been featured in a magazine called IMIRAGE magazine. She posed in different makeup looks, which showed her as an ethereal being.

And she has also been featured in Surreal Mag with a blue makeup look. She was also a part of Shuba Magazine, where she was featured in a pink and purple makeup look.

13. Dana Rae is a dedicated content creator

Dana Rae is a focused content creator. She wants to engage with her audience in the best way possible. She has posted highlights on her video showing off most of her professional work as a model.

Moreover, she regularly posts and consistently engages with her audience to build a good relationship with them. She also has a section on her Instagram page, a highlights collection dedicated to shining a spotlight on talented artists. She has posted some of their work featuring her and given them the platform to showcase their talents.

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14. Dana Rae is only on the social media platform Instagram

A sad thing for her followers is that Dana Rae cannot be found on any platform other than Instagram. She does not have a YouTube channel or a Twitter page where fans can interact with her and communicate directly with her. She uses the photo sharing app Instagram frequently and often posts stories and pictures on her Instagram feed.

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Dana Rae Johnson – Wiki/Bio and Fashion Trends

Young and Beautiful supermodels – Dana Rae in portrait mode. Meet Dana Rae Johnson, an Australian fashion model based out of New South Wales. She has been doing her bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences.


Dana Rae Johnson is an Australian model based in New South Wales. She has been featured in several magazines for her gorgeous looks.

Dana Rae is widely known for being a popular Fashion Nova ambassador. She regularly posts pictures of herself wearing beautiful outfits and clothes from Fashion Nova. Dan Rae does not post a lot about her personal life or her family life on social media. She has collaborated with several fashion and lifestyle brands on Instagram.

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