Quick DeadPool Facts That’ll Probably Amaze You

DeadPool Facts

With Deadpool becoming a popular fixture in the cinematic history of superheroes, we thought that we would give him some special treatment. So here you have it; our list of 10 quick Deadpool facts that’ll probably amaze you.

His costume is not just for show; it includes a special device that allows him teleportation abilities! He can also camouflage himself with a unique holographic capability. Since he can’t really die, he needs to be on guard at all times! And he no longer has hair, but it doesn’t matter because he has a killer outfit.

Read on for more fun facts about this marvelous Marvel Universe character.

Fascinating DeadPool Facts

1 Deadpool is Learned

Despite dropping out of school, he speaks English, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

2 Choose Your Weapon

Brute strength, the bow and arrow, and sharp objects are his weapons of choice.

3 He’s a Super Healer

If Deadpool gets hurt, he can repair his cells at a super-fast rate.

4 He’s Strong and Mighty

This bulky guy is over 200 pounds and measures 6 feet, 2 inches.

5 He’s a High School Dropout

Deadpool is proof that you can still be a badass without a high school diploma or GED.

6 Deadpool and Friends

Deadpool hangs around with the X-Men, Weapon X, Agency X…we’re seeing a pattern.

7 Is Deadpool an Orphan?

Talk about tragic; we never even learn who Deadpool’s parents are!

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8 Unlucky in Love

Deadpool was married, but unfortunately, he divorced his wife, Gretchen.

9 A True Renaissance Man

Deadpool’s character also works as a butt-kicking hero, a sumo wrestler, and a soldier, among other jobs.

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10 Our First Meeting

We were first introduced to Deadpool in New Mutants #98 back in 1990.

11 His Real Name

Deadpool’s real name is Wade Wilson, and he’s unique in the fact that he’s actually aware that he’s in a comic. So meta! The only people who know that Wade Wilson is Deadpool are the Canadian government officials.

12 Played by Ryan Reynolds in the Movies

Ryan Reynolds did an AMAZING job on the screen. He really plays the character well and it makes the movies so fun to watch!

Deadpool Takes Over Stephen’s Monologue

Stephen talks about D.C. every night but, after a visit from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), it appears the Late Show is part of the Marvel Universe.

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