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Disgusting Facts about Animals

Disgusting Facts about Animals

The Earth boasts such a wide variety of animal life that it is truly stunning. Sometimes, though, we may happen upon them during some rather embarrassing moments. Some animals such as the squirrel are cute while other animals, well, they are simply disgusting 24/7.

Check these out – they will make you scratch your head!

Disgusting Facts about Animals

1 The human bot fly is native to Central and South America and resembles that of a bumblebee. Its sting is a bit more disgusting, though, as it is known to routinely parasitize humans with its larvae.

2 Camel spiders are a sight unwelcome by anyone suffering arachnophobia; these “spiders” grow to be half a foot, can run 10 miles an hour, and liquefy the flesh of whatever they bite.

3 The short-horned lizard utilizes a rather bizarre defense mechanism by squirting blood out of its eyes.

4 Turkey vultures not only eat rotting flesh, but use their own urine to wash and cool their legs.

5 Hagfish are the vultures of the sea; they eat any corpse they slither up to from the inside out. Their defense mechanism of producing thick slime, which also doesn’t do them any favors in the cute department.

6 Hippopotamuses will sometimes spin their tales while pooping to fling their feces around in order to impress nearby females.

7 The Mexican mole lizard, or Ajolote, is a burrowing reptile that’s pale pink and looks like a worm, except it has forearms. It’s sort of cute, in a disgusting way.

8 The Titicaca water frog has earned the unenviable nickname of the Titicaca “scrotum” frog because of the amphibian’s humorous excess skin.

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9 The blobfish won a 2013 vote on world’s ugliest animal due to its particularly squishy, grumpy appearance.

10 Giraffes use their 21-inch tongue to clean out their nostrils from time to time.

11 Wombats are nocturnal rodent-like creatures native to Australia, and they like to leave their own personal version of signposts. Wombats defecate in cubes, and will often stack their scat as a marking of their territory.

Top 10 Most Disgusting Animals Of All Time

There are those unfortunate disgusting looking animals out there that sometimes it’s hard to look away. Well there is no need to look away from this list because we will be showing you some of the Most Disgusting Animals Of All Time. Warning – it will make you cringe and appreciate the animal world.