10 Doberman Facts That Will Help You Fall in Love with Them

Doberman Facts

If you love dogs, then you are going to adore our list of Doberman facts that will help you fall in love with them. These are some of the coolest tidbits about one of the most popular dog breeds out there. We will take a look at how they were bred, what health conditions you can expect from them and how they compare in personality to other breeds. This could actually be a very good dog to consider adopting into your own household. So let’s get started and take a look at some crunchy nuggets about this wonderful doggie.

Doberman Facts

1 Watch Their Heart Health

This is a dog breed that is more prone to heart problems, such as Wobbler Syndrome.

2 Train Them Well

Being guard dogs, Dobermans need to be well-trained or else they can be quite aggressive.

3 Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Compared to other dog breeds, Dobermans are more sensitive to extremely hot and cold weather.

4 A Variety of Colors

Despite the common black and brown fur combo, Dobermans can also be blue, red, and fawn-colored.

5 They are Great Runners

A full-grown Doberman can run up to 30 miles per hour and has lots of stamina.

6 Doberman Popularity

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Doberman is the 12th most popular dog breed.

7 Dobermans in the United States

This popular dog breed was found in the United States in the 1900s.

8 Dobermans Will Protect Until Death

This dog breed is known to protect and defend their owner even if it kills them.

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9 Dobermans are Actually a Mixed Breed

They came about after combining multiple breeds of dogs, although the exact combo is not known.

10 They are Loyal to Their Owners

They happen to be the most popular guard dog out there.

11 This dog breed nearly died out during World War II, and soldiers in the United States military used Doberman pinschers as their official war dog. The Doberman is believed to once have been bred from German Pinschers, Shorthaired Shepherds, Black and Tan Terriers, and Rottweilers.

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All About the Doberman Pinscher – Traits and Training

The Doberman pinscher is a popular dog due to its physical characteristics, however, they are also intelligent, sociable and very sensitive dogs. In this AnimalWised video we explain the real character of a doberman pinscher and many other facts and features about the breed you cannot miss.