Intriguing Dr. Pepper Facts

What is your favorite soda of all time? If you said Dr. Pepper, then we have got great news for you! We have a list here of 10 Dr. Pepper Facts You Never Knew Were Actually True. From humble beginnings with a real doctor in Texas to today, we have some awesome tidbits to share with you.

Let us take a closer look at just how Dr. Pepper was created and how their various slogans and branding efforts have changed over time. Are you up for a high-intensity, sugar-rush of Dr. Pepper info? Then here we go…

Refreshing Facts about Dr. Pepper

1 Alderton Steps Back

Alderton handed the reins to Robert S. Lazenby, who worked with Morrison to perfect the drink.

2 Spreading the Love

Other stores got on board and bought the fruity syrup from Morrison so they could make their own drinks.

3 The Name Game

Mr. Morrison is often credited with naming the drink Dr. Pepper, but the exact origins are unknown.

4 Dr. Pepper Was Originally Called Something Else

The very first customers who tried the drink referred to it as “Waco.”

5 A Strange Idea

Alderton wanted to create a drink that smelled like the fruity cough syrups in the pharmacy, without the nasty taste.

6 How it All Began

Alderton combined his job as a pharmacist with his hobby of being a soda jerk.

7 The Man Who Started it all

Charles Alderton is credited as being the creator of the popular soda drink.

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8 “Dr. Pepper” was a Real Guy

He was a regular fixture at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco.

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9 It was Born Down South

Dr. Pepper had its iconic start in the American city of Waco, Texas.

10 The Oldest One Out There

The Dr. Pepper company is actually the oldest manufacturer of soft drinks in history.

11 Dr. Pepper was Late to Australia

Did you know that Dr. Pepper didn’t arrive in Australia until 1997?!

12 Dr Pepper is Globally Popular

Today, Dr. Pepper is the fifth most popular soda in the world!

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Video: History of Dr Pepper – in a Minute

This is a super quick – and fun – history of Dr. Pepper!

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