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Weird Windowless Skyscraper

The Weird, Windowless Skyscraper

When visiting Manhattan, tourists often look up in awe of the giant buildings. The city has breathtaking skyscrapers along its landscape. It is a city really known …
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Why are Green screens green

Why are Green Screens Green?

Technology in film and television has greatly developed over the decades, with CGI (computer-generated imagery), and other computer graphics. An important element to computer graphics …
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Seahorse Facts

Fascinating Seahorse Facts

Seahorses are a very interesting species in the marine world. One of the coolest seahorse facts is that they change their color to mimic their surroundings. They …
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Facts about Texas

Fun Facts About Texas

If you haven’t visited Texas, then what are you waiting for? This is where you can chew on fried bubble gum, marvel at the state …
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Amazing Facts about ThunderCats

ThunderCats was a popular cartoon in the 1980s about sword-wielding cat-people and their quest to protect the Third Earth against the diabolical Mumm-Ra. Created by …
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Facts about Supercars

Surprising Facts about Supercars

Supercars are a symbol of panache, wealth and speed because they are literally the most expensive and powerful cars in the world. They were created specifically …
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Wombat Facts

The Wildest Facts about Wombats

Wombats are marsupials that live in southern and eastern Australia. They are usually found in the open forest, scrub, and heath of Western Australia. They also …
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Spider Facts

The Scariest Spider Facts

Those suffering from arachnophobia, we’ll give you one last chance to leave. Still here? We’ve dug through sources to find you some of the creepiest, …
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