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Globally there are billions of televisions and people spend many billions of dollars to view films, videos, and documentaries. These forms of entertainment can pull at all of our emotions, make us laugh or pull at our heartstrings and make us sad and cry. In other words, they give us great emotional experiences which are part of the human experience.

And even if you think they are silly forms of entertainment, there is new evidence that viewing habits can affect your thinking, political preferences, and even cognitive abilities! (source: NYT).

In this section you will find fun and entertaining facts about TV and film ranging from facts about Wonder Woman to The Brady Bunch to the always popular Friends TV show!

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Facts about The Brady Bunch

Fun Facts About The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was one of the most iconic television series of the 1970s, complete with an interesting cast of characters and storylines that perfectly …
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Family Guy Facts

Fun Facts about Family Guy

A favorite TV show, Family Guy is one of the most popular adult-oriented cartoons to date. It is based in Rhode Island, from Seth MacFarlane’s …
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What is Movie Snow Made Of

What is Movie Snow Made Of?

The magic of movies has always been in its ability to transport the viewer into a space of make belief that we really believe. When …
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Why are Green screens green

Why are Green Screens Green?

Technology in film and television has greatly developed over the decades, with CGI (computer-generated imagery), and other computer graphics. An important element to computer graphics …
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Thundercats Facts

Amazing Facts about ThunderCats

ThunderCats was a popular cartoon in the 1980s about sword-wielding cat-people and their quest to protect the Third Earth against the diabolical Mumm-Ra. Created by …
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Jurassic Park Movie Facts

Fun Jurassic Park Movie Facts

The Jurassic Park film series is one of the most popular American movie franchises that centers on the disaster of setting up a theme park …
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Paul Wesley Facts

Amazing Paul Wesley Facts

Paul Wesley is an actor, director, and producer. He is famous for his role in the hit TV series Vampire Diaries for his role as …
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