Interesting Facts about Alcohol You Might Want To Know

Facts about Alcohol

About 55% of adults in the United States drink alcohol. People enjoy drinking alcohol as a way to pass their time. But did you know that alcohol transcends through time and culture? Below are ten interesting facts about alcohol that you might want to know.

Facts about Alcohol

1 In some countries, you can find alcohol on the menu of McDonald’s.

2 You need 600 pieces of grapes to make one bottle of wine. This equates to 2.4 pounds of grapes to fill one bottle.

3 Wine makers used rags soaked in oil instead of corks until the mid-1600s.

4 One bottle of Champagne contains about 49-million bubbles.

5 Abraham Lincoln operated several taverns while John Hancock was an alcohol trader.

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6 The term “honeymoon” is alcohol-related. In ancient Babylon, the soon-to-be father of the bride supplied the future groom with a month’s supply of mead. This period is called “honey month” which in modern times was transformed into its current term.

7 There is no such thing as hangover cures. In fact, this term dates back to the time when alcohol was invented. The Greeks believed that eating cabbages could cure hangover while Romans believed that eating fried canary could lessen their alcohol intoxication.

8 Anthropologists and historians believed that farming did not start as a means to produce food. Early records showed that people engaged in farming to produced ingredients that were used to create alcoholic drinks.

9 It takes one hour for your liver to process an ounce of liquor. If you consume too much, the system becomes saturated and the additional alcohol will accumulate in your blood until the liver can metabolize it.

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10 Ancient people made alcohol over 12,000 years ago in Sumeria.

11 Drinking alcohol can make you feel relaxed and it also come with several health benefits. Drinking alcohol has been found to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, gallstone formation, and dementia. This is the reason why healthcare professionals these days encourage people to drink alcohol in moderation. Bottoms up…but not a glass more!

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The dangers of regular excessive drinking go way beyond the morning hangover. Those who drink heavily run the risk of damaged brain tissue,  liver disease and a variety of cancers. Keep these risks in mind when asking if you’re good for one more.

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