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Facts About Bengal Cats to Blow You Away

Facts about Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are quite curious pets and always crave attention, thus they are not appropriate for the casual pet owner. It is a cunning and smart animal with a beautiful fur to boot. So if you plan to get it as a pet, here are fun facts about Bengal cats that will blow your socks off.

Most Intriguing Facts about Bengal Cats

1 Bengal cats love glittery objects and they can hide these objects too—stash your valuable and glittering valuables properly.

2 Pet Bengal cats cannot be trusted with smaller prey animals because of their predatory instincts. Keep guinea pigs, smaller rabbits, and hamsters away from them.

3 Bengal cats are excellent jumpers and can jump heights two to three times their size.

4 If a pet Bengal cat gets bored, he is capable of destroying things in the home, opening drawers and cabinets and even breaking things apart to see how they work.

5 Bengal cats are quite loud and vocal when they want something—so they are not easily ignored.

6 They are very active and strong willed cats, thus appropriate stimulation is needed on a regular basis.

7 Aside from the beautiful marbling or ‘rosettes’ in their coat, Bengal cats also have the glitter gene which gives their coat an iridescent property.

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8 The cost of Bengal cat is pretty steep and can go as high as $50,000.

9 Bengal cats can grow big with average male weight between 10 to 15 pounds.

10 Bengal cats are well-known water lovers, so if you want privacy while taking a bath, get that door locked!

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Summary – Bengal Cats are Hybrids

Did you know that the Bengal cat is a hybrid between a domestic cat and Asian leopard cats that dates as far back as the 1800s? However, it was not until the 1980s that the Bengal cat was perfected to have a cat with the temperament of a domestic pet while having the grace and beauty of a wild, forest-dwelling cat.

Must Watch BEFORE Getting a BENGAL CAT

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