Mesmerizing Facts About Breasts You Won’t Believe Are Real

Facts about Breasts

Just in case you were ever wondering about the average cup size, why your chest looks a bit lopsided, or what men are looking for in a pair of ta-tas, we have some answers for you. Our list of 10 astonishing facts about breasts is going to blow you away.

Learn about the quirks and facts behind boobs, from their weight and average size, to what puts a woman at risk for breast cancer. We will also take a look at some of the most iconic breasts throughout Hollywood history. So sit back and learn more than you thought possible about everyone’s favorite body part.

Facts about Breasts

1 Breastfeeding is Making a Comeback

Each year, more and more women breastfeed (an increase of about 2%.)

2 Polythelia Among Women

This condition, in which women have a third nipple, occurs in 1 in 50 people.

3 Get Your Sleep, Girls!

For some odd reason, women who work in the overnight hours tend to experience more breast woes, such as cancer.

4 The Most Boob-Friendly State

Head to Arkansas, where women experience the lowest rate of breast cancer (about 102 in 100,000 people.)

5 Man Boobs, Beware

Women aren’t the only ones who get breast cancer; about 2,000 men get it annually.

6 When Boobs go Bad

Unfortunately, breast cancer is the 2nd-deadliest cancer among women.

7 Ready, Set, Grow!

Once a female starts her first period, her breasts will continue to grow for the next 2-4 years.

8 Feeling Lopsided?

Hey, that happens when breasts are real; one is slightly larger than the other.

9 No Wonder Women Get Back Pain

With their breasts weighing an average of 3 pounds, we give mad props.

10 American Women are Stacked

It turns out, the average woman in the United States wears a 40D cup size.

11 Ptosis means what?

The scientific name for saggy breasts is ptosis! The underside of the breast is called the inframammary crease! Breasts have been depicted in art for centuries, and there was always the legend of the Amazons, huge women warriors!

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