Informative Facts About Cast Iron Frying Pans

Facts about Cast Iron Pans

Here are 10 fascinating facts about cast iron frying pans that will probably shock you:

Facts about Cast Iron Frying Pans

1 They can be reconditioned infinitely, which means they can last you a lifetime.

2 The first pan of this kind was made in the 4th century B.C. in China, and was introduced in England and America in the 12th and 18th centuries respectively.

3 It can be used in the oven, on charcoal grills and on your stove without damaging its shape.

4 Washing your pan with soap will not get rid of its non-stick properties, even though some people vow against it.

5 Studies prove that cooking using these pans makes your food taste better.

6 It provides you nutritional value. Each time you cook using a cast iron pan, small amounts of iron are released into your food.

Cast Iron Frying Pan with eggs

7 Cast iron pans distribute heat fairly fast and very consistently, although some sources claim this to be a myth.

8 They are pretty inexpensive compared to similar-sized stainless steel pans.

9 Unlike the majority of non-stick surface pans, cast iron pans do not release toxins into your food.

10 You can use metal utensils along with wood and nylon utensils on your seasoned cast iron pan. Metal utensils will not get rid of the seasoning on your pan.

Cast Iron Berry Cobbler

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

There is a myth floating around that cooking acidic foods such as lentils and olives on your cast iron pan will react with the metal causing it to contaminate your food and kill you slowly. It isn’t true! In essence, the food is largely in contact with the layer of polymerized oil in the pan and not the metal itself. Hence, cooking acidic food on well-seasoned pans will not harm you.

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How To Cook With Cast Iron

Cooking with cast iron can be intimidating at first. But if you spend a few minutes to learn all the things you should know, you will enjoy using a cast iron skillet for the rest of your life over thousands of meals. And it will elevate y our cooking to the next level.