Adorable Facts About Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua is a favorite pet dog of many affluent celebrities because of their inherently small size. But did you know that Chihuahuas are the oldest breed of dog from North America? Yes, its ancestry goes way back to 9th century Mexico to its early ancestor known as the Techichi. Read on to learn more interesting facts about Chihuahuas.

Chihuahua Facts

1 To compensate for their smallness, Chihuahuas are quite fierce and aggressive.

2 Of all purebred dogs, the Chihuahua breed is the tiniest.

3 The Chihuahua’s ears are prone to dry skin and buildup of ear wax.

4 They have a long lifespan ranging between 10 and 18 years.

5 The nature of Chihuahuas is quite clannish such that they prefer to be in the company of their own breed.

6 Chihuahuas are not very smart and may need 40 to 80 repetitions to train.

7 They have a soft spot on their heads called a molera that is reminiscent of what babies have—but Chihuahuas have these for life.

8 When scared, excited, or cold, Chihuahuas are prone to shivering. So, give them a coat whenever you venture outdoors.

9 The top causes of death for Chihuahuas are, from least to greatest, infection, trauma, and cardiovascular disease.

10 Among the many dog breeds, Chihuahuas have the most number of color combinations and coat lengths.

11 Did you know that in Meso-America, Chihuahuas were sacred? Yes, mummified remains of Chihuahuas have been dug in grave sites that are purported to have helped the dead travel safely to the afterlife. Further, Chihuahuas were also revered for having healing properties. According to reports, although the Chihuahua is a very old dog breed, it has never won ‘the best show’ at the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show that has been ongoing since 1877.

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