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Top 10 Intriguing Facts about Citrus Caviar

Fascinating Facts About Citrus Caviar

Citrus Caviar is also known as the Australian finger lime or caviar finger lime due to its interesting shape. It is widely popular in some parts of Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. They are also revered as being the rarest and most expensive kind of lime in the world.

Some people also call it the caviar of lime as the texture of the lime pearls resemble caviar. Finger limes are more commonly used as a garnish, but can also be incorporated in cooking. Finger limes are only available in a limited time frame starting from late summer to early spring. To learn more about this unusual plant, keep reading this article.

Here are some of the most amazing Citrus Caviar facts:

1. Citrus caviar is native to Australia

Citrus caviar was found first to be in the New South Wales and the Queensland rainforest areas of Australia. These limes were popular amongst the indigenous people of Australia. The Australian indigenous people used to use citrus lime as a form of medicine and for food purposes as well.

The slender citrus fruits are also known as ‘rainforest pearls’ in the locally grown areas. These limes were also known as the ‘bush tucker’ which are wild plants that have been foraged by the locals as a source of food.

Only some finger lime grows in the USA and France. In 1966, when Dr Furr gifted a budwood from Australia to the University of California after which the university allowed for commercial growth of the plant.

citrus caviar

2. Citrus caviar has a unique shape

Citrus caviar has an oblong shape that is tapered at the ends which does not make it very appealing to the eyes. It is a dull sausage shaped citrus fruit that can go up to seven centimeters in length.

Similar to other limes, it has a thin yet taut skin that is pebbled and has a leathery texture. The citrus caviar has pearls or more accurately, vesicles, of tart and crisp juice packed within the fruit.

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When the fruit is cut in half the pearls of the lime ooze with flavor and juice. The tubular citrus lime is deemed ugly by some, but yields an unmatched gourmet flavor.

3. Citrus caviar is used by top diners and restaurants

The citrus lime is revered widely because of its unique shape, taste, and more importantly texture.

It is the perfect alternative for people who cannot consume caviar due to dietary restrictions or personal choice. Citrus caviar is used as a fresh garnish and can be used for tacos, fruit salads, green salads, and in expensive Michelin star dishes.

The caviar like texture of the lime attracts the elite to splurge heavily on dishes made with the fruit. Daniel Lutrand is a French chef who incorporates citrus caviar in his dishes to add an oomph to his dish.

4. The texture of citrus caviar is like caviar

The texture of citrus caviar is similar to that of caviar. Caviar is a rare and expensive ingredient used by five-star restaurants and exceptional quality dishes.

Caviar is basically fish eggs which pop into the mouth as you taste them to give you a fresh explosion of the sea. Sushi is served sometimes with citrus caviar to give it a luxurious, fresh, and clean flavor.

Not only that but citrus caviar’s bursting tangy flavor has also become a part of some delicious cocktails and mocktails.

5. Citrus caviar is ready to be eaten

Citrus caviar is a fruit that can be eaten as soon as it has been matured. It is very easy to prepare and eat citrus caviar.

Citrus lime can be enjoyed by slitting the skin into half and then squeezing out the bursting beads of lime-filled flavor onto your tongue.

The tart vesicles of citrus caviar are round and firm and resemble caviar uncannily.  Each lime caviar can offer up to a tablespoon of juicy tart beads of citrus pulp.

Finger Limes

6. Citrus caviar complements several dishes

Citrus caviar can be used in a variety of different dishes. From expensive mocktails and cocktails to sushi and salads, citrus caviar can bring a zesty flavor to everything and anything.

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The taste of the caviar citrus is described to be sour and tart but has a unique herbaceous mint flavor similar to that of a rosemary. Citrus caviar can be used as a garnish and as an ingredient for marmalade, tacos, sushi, desserts, ceviche, and many more.

7. Citrus caviar has an interesting history

Citrus caviar has fascinating roots in history. The Australian aboriginal people used to use finger limes for medicinal and food purposes.

The indigenous people of Wakka Wakka, Bundjalung, Barunggam, and Gumbainggir used the citrus lime to treat their septic wounds to prevent it from getting infected. They also utilized the fruit as prevention against illnesses.

Australian finger lime

8. Citrus caviar offers amazing skin benefits

Similar to all limes, citrus caviar offers an abundance of skin benefits. Citrus caviar is rich in vitamin C and can keep your skin looking beautiful and young.

Vitamin C can help you accelerate the removal of damaging skin aging cells and promote the production of collagen, a form of protein that can keep your skin hydrated, reduce wrinkles, and increase elasticity.

9. There are a lot of health benefits of citrus caviar

There are many added benefits of consuming citrus caviar. Citrus caviar is known to make you more resilient to infections by building up your immune system.

This helps make your body stronger against bacteria and viruses. It can help keep you safe from flu or a common viral disease.

Citrus caviar can help you fight against vitamin C deficiencies and help protect your teeth and gums. It is also beneficial for your eyesight and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

10. Citrus caviar has several different names

Citrus caviar is a rare and unusual form of fruit which is known by several names all over the world.

The most popular names of the fruit are caviar limes, vegan caviar, lancer caviar, Australian finger limes, cresco caviar lime, or cowboy caviar.

It is a beloved fruit by many which is why there are cuter names for the fruit such as the caviar of fruit, rainforest pearls, Queensland Finger, Sauvage Lime and many more.

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This Rare ‘Caviar’ Comes from Lemons

On a farm in Europe, France, where the sun shines 320 days out of the year, Etienne and Perrine Schaller grow lemon caviar.

This special fruit, native to Australia, is known in the English-speaking world as finger lime. Lemon caviar is full of delicious beads that look just like caviar.

And like caviar, it’s pricey. The Schallers sell theirs to top chefs like Daniel Lutrand, of Le Pastis Restaurant in Montpellier, France, who shows one of his elegant dishes incorporating finger limes in this video.


Citrus caviar is an unusual and rare fruit that has become extremely popular in recent years. It is widely used in gourmet cooking and is utilized by expensive restaurants in France, the USA, and more.

Citrus caviar is available in a number of colors ranging from green, purple, to even white. We hope that you learned many new facts about citrus caviar (the wonderful Australian finger lime) from this article.

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