Facts About Cocaine that Will Blow Your Mind

Cocaine Facts

Hopefully you already know that illegal drugs are no good. Even so, we think that our list of 10 Facts About Cocaine will provide some further insight. Cocaine is one of the most commonly-used illegal drugs out there, and we want you to read more about it so that you can arm yourself with the knowledge and facts.

It is not easy to fight peer pressure and the like, but remember these facts before you become addicted. Let’s take a look at some of the serious consequences, the statistics, and other numbers related to this drug.

Facts About Cocaine

1 A Highly Dependent Drug

The psychological dependence that cocaine creates is eclipsed only by meth.

2 Cocaine and the Hospital

There are 448,481 cocaine-related emergency room visits in America per year.

3 Cocaine Among High Schoolers

Among high school seniors, nearly 9% of them have tried cocaine at least one time.

4 How Young Will They Go?

Among Americans aged 12 and older, 35.3 million of them have tried cocaine at least one time.

5 Monthly Cocaine Use Among Youths

In just one month, about 1.5 million people aged 15 to 34 try cocaine.

6 Cocaine and Young People

About 7.5 million people aged 15 to 34 have tried cocaine at least one time.

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7 Cocaine in Europe

The drug is also the second most commonly used illegal drug in Europe.

8 Illegal and Dangerous

Cocaine comes second in the list of most-trafficked illegal drugs.

9 Much Too Much

About 756 tons of illegal cocaine have been discovered by authorities.

10 Caught in the Act

A hotspot for illegal cocaine trafficking and smuggling is South America.

11 Euphoria and Pleasure 

Cocaine gives users a feeling of euphoria and pleasure – the euphoric “high” – which is followed by a big massive crash that is depressing.

This is another reason it is highly addictive and dangerous.

Summary of Cocaine Facts

It may go by many other names on the street, but cocaine is dangerous, no matter what you call it. Our bonus knowledge nuggets will tell you the things that other people won’t. Learn about the disastrous effects of cocaine not only on yourself, but to your unborn offspring.

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