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Shocking Facts About Death You Can’t Unlearn

Facts about Death

Death is a morbid subject that many people do not like to talk about. Yet, it is time to face the facts. In fact, we have lots of information about this topic in our list of 10 shocking facts about death. From your likelihood of passing away in a variety of instances, to the traditions that persist to today, these are some downright creepy and intriguing tidbits. Read on to learn about what happens after you die, what happened to the perishing bodies on Mount Everest, and why poverty is a huge issue we need to address.

Shocking Facts about Death

1 Don’t Drink and Drive

Drunk drivers in the United States kill one person every single hour.

2 Beware of Coconuts

More people die from being bonked on the head by a coconut than by being bitten by a shark.

3 We’re All Ears

The last sense we lose upon dying is our sense of hearing.

4 Maybe Go Ambidextrous?

Left-handed people die 3 years earlier than right-handed people, on average.

5 Please Print Legibly

Each year, a doctor’s poor penmanship leads to unnecessary death some 7,000 times.

6 Oh Happy Day

On any given day, about 153,000 people die.

7 A Scary Statistic

New York City has more deaths by suicide than by murder.

8 A Booming and Dying Population

Throughout history, about 100 billion people have died.

9 Six Feet Under

People have been burying their dead for about 350,000 years.

10 Eat Up

Your digestive enzymes begin to eat your dead body 3 days after you pass away.

11 Death by Natural Freak events

Did you know that more people are killed by lightning strikes than terrorist attacks? And while twelve people were killed by shark attacks in 2015, humans killed over 11,000 sharks? Finally, did you know that more people are killed each year due to taxi cab accidents than plane crashes? Spooky!

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